How much can an Alamo Discount Code save you?

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What's an Alamo Discount Code?

Alamo assigns Contract ID numbers to partner businesses, which usually allow reductions so that rates tend to be cheaper than public ones. If your organization is affiliated with Alamo, you can often save on your advance rental by adding the relevant Contract ID to your booking and it can even be stacked with multiple discounts such as online or paper coupon codes. Major businesses, credit card companies and travel club discount programs, from MasterCard to Sam's Club to United Airlines, not only give you cheaper rates with a particular Contract ID code, but also sometimes have value-added promotions and give you special rental benefits like waived additional driver. A Contract ID discount code is usually a numerical code, several digits long. There doesn't seem to be a comprehensive list of codes online, so we scoured the internet to find as many as possible, to see how much you can save. As expected, you can only generally use a Contract ID if you have ID to prove you're entitled to the rate when picking up your rental, or you could be charged the full daily rate.

How do I use an Alamo Discount Code?

During your reservation, click on 'Add Discount Code' and then enter the relevant Contract ID in the 'Contract ID' box: How much can an Alamo Discount Code save you?

Testing the Alamo Discount Code list...

For our tests, we chose a rental picking up at and returning to Philadelphia International, January 9th to 12th, 2017. The normal price for a Midsize, without using a code, including all taxes, fees and discounts, came up as $58.23 per day ($247.39 total) if you pay later or $52.41 per day ($225.66 total) if you pay now: How much can an Alamo Discount Code save you? Without logging in as an Alamo Insider, we compared the total price for a rental, to 'pay later'. These Contract ID codes found a cheaper rate:
  • 7014627 Costco Web Offers $225.65 total - 9% cheaper ($21.74)
  • 7015309 Costco members $225.65 total - 9% cheaper ($21.74)
  • 675899 Costco $225.65 total - 9% cheaper ($21.74)
  • 7013880 SouthWest Airlines $225.65 total - 9% cheaper ($21.74)
  • 7014696 BJ's Wholesale Club $236.53 total - 4% cheaper ($10.86)
  • 7014291 Amex $236.53 total - 4% cheaper ($10.86)
  • 7015360 Edvantage $236.53 total - 4% cheaper ($10.86)
  • 7016220 Visit Orlando $236.53 total - 4% cheaper ($10.86)
  • 706768 USDA $236.53 total - 4% cheaper ($10.86)
  • 7000799 Visa $236.53 total - 4% cheaper ($10.86)
  • 7013843 Visa $236.53 total - 4% cheaper ($10.86)
  • 7012032 MasterCard $236.53 total - 4% cheaper ($10.86)
  • 7013558 Hawaiian Airlines $236.53 total - 4% cheaper ($10.86)
  • 253173 Air Force Association $236.53 total - 4% cheaper ($10.86)
  • 7014926 Save with Alamo $236.53 total - 4% cheaper ($10.86)
  • 7014644 Next Jump $236.53 total - 4% cheaper ($10.86)
  • 372109 MTA $236.53 total - 4% cheaper ($10.86)
  • 93054 APA $236.53 total - 4% cheaper ($10.86)
  • 189183 AVMA $246.94 total - 0.01% cheaper ($0.45)
Using these Contract IDs, the price was the same as booking without a code:
  • 7013604 Amex My Vacation Family $247.39 total
  • 7014292 Amex My Vacation Media Buys $247.39 total
  • 307234 Hilton HHonors $247.39 total
  • 306703 American Airlines $247.39 total
  • 306705 United Airlines $247.39 total
  • 7014667 Sun Promo $247.39 total
  • 7016594 Sun Country Airlines $247.39 total
These Contract ID codes came up as inactive or invalid: Three of the top four biggest discounts were with a Costco or Southwest Airlines Contract ID, giving you 9% off the usual price. As MouseSavers explains, the normal discount using a Contract ID is between 5% and 10%, though some codes can give you up to 20% off. Most codes we tried gave us only 4% off. Interestingly, the top four cheapest rates were only one cent cheaper than not using a code and choosing to pay now rather than later...

What else do I need to know about using an Alamo Discount Code?

You may be able to find your company's Contract ID on one of these handy FlyerTalk threads - here or here - or on FatWallet or If you can't find your code, you could ask HR if there is a Contract ID for you to use with Alamo or contact Alamo directly.
See how everyone can now afford to fly Business Class and book 5 Star Hotels with Mighty Travels Premium! Get started for free.