Get 52 miles per dollar on Hilton spend and Turkey passenger numbers rebounding already?,

Posted on October 4, 2016 by in Travel Industry Flight Status

Pegasus Airlines CEO Mehmet Nane says tourism and load factors are improving quickly from the dark spring/summer months.

Mr Nane said load factors — the percentage of seats filled on Pegasus’s passenger jets — had improved 10 percentage points since the coup attempt failed and Mr Erdogan launched a wave of tens of thousands of arrests.

He declined to give a precise figure for current load factors, but the company said its flights were on average 79.1 per cent full over July, suggesting aircraft are now running close to 90 per cent.

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Gary tell us how to earn up to 52 points per dollar spent in Hilton properties

40 points per dollar seem rather easy but the last 12 require you to use a Hilton credit card. Still that’s an amazing return that beats the current IHG promotion if you spend a lot (of reimbursed money) in a Hilton hotel