Uber upfront fares will continue to be introduced globally

Posted on June 24, 2016 by in $1,250 bonus for Uber Drivers


What’s the scoop with Uber upfront fares?

In a recent blog post, Uber announced plans to continue to roll out upfront fares across the US and internationally. Two years ago, the ridesharing giant launched UberPOOL, where fares were calculated in advance, and since April this year, it then slowly started to introduce upfront, per trip fares across the US and India for regular UberX rides.

Today, Uber wants more of its users around the world to benefit from this price transparency. While it isn’t doing away with surge pricing, riders will just be shown the actual price in advance instead of seeing the surge lightning bolt.

Uber drivers are sure to have mixed feelings about this change. If you’re thinking of driving for Uber, now could be the time to do it, while you can get the $1,000 new driver bonus and before upfront fares take over completely!

drive with Uber

What’s the deal where you drive with Uber?

It’s possible to earn up to $100 an hour when you sign up as an Uber Partner and complete 100 rides in 30 days to get the $1,000 new driver bonus! ‘Uber Partner’ is Uber’s way of saying you’re not an employee, but your own driver, and with this bonus you can make great money at your own flexible pace, as long as it’s within the first month.

In this recent post, Torsten calculated that in a busy city like San Francisco, where there’s frequent surge pricing, 3 or 4 rides an hour for around 25 hours across one week would mean a take-home pay of about $2,000 if you include the bonus. Even if you don’t drive for Uber again after this, that’s not a bad return at all.

As well as netting a fantastic starter bonus, some of the benefits of driving for Uber include:

  • Flexibility – You design your own hours and drive as much or as little as you want
  • Regular pay – Fares are automatically deposited and you get paid weekly
  • Being your own boss – You’re the boss of yourself, and only you can give yourself overtime
  • Reliability – Especially in bigger cities, the volume of work is always there
  • Social interaction – You can meet people from all walks of life, from all over the world

In particular areas, especially big cities, you can also benefit from the possibility of surge pricing for events, concerts or holidays.

Handy tip: Did you know that you only need personal insurance to drive for Uber? Once you’ve picked up a fare, Uber provides liability insurance! Plus you don’t need your own car, either; Uber has an agreement with Enterprise Rent-A-Car so you can hire a car if you need.

How do I get the drive with Uber deal?

Sign up as an Uber partner here, then complete 100 rides in 30 days to get this great bonus. It takes just a few minutes and then you’re on your way to earning money by driving.

What else do I need to know about the drive with Uber deal?

The Uber driver sign-up bonus amount can vary from city to city, and seems to change frequently, but right now it’s $1,000 in San Francisco and other cities.

Typical hourly pay if you continue as a driver when you’ve reached your $1,000 bonus is often $28 to $40 an hour.