All about StarwoodONE, StarHOT and StarFRND

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What's the scoop with StarwoodONE, StarHOT and StarFRND?

A MightyTravels reader has asked us to find out if anyone is entitled to use the StarHOT, StarwoodONE benefits. If you haven't heard of these before, they're all part of the Starwood Hotels and Resorts site, but as we found out, they are only for use by employees of either Starwood or participating Starwood franchise properties. If you're an employee, read on to find out how you can utilize the employee site StarwoodONE and how you can get some great rates with either StarFRND or StarHOT, but especially with the latter.

Tell me more about StarwoodONE...

All about StarwoodONE, StarHOT and StarFRND This intranet has a wealth of information for employees, from performance reviews to reporting tools and web conferencing to Starwood news. For example, the StarwoodOne Library in the Development Center has the following to help employees to improve service:
  • Illustrative behaviors
  • On-the-job activities
  • Books and articles
  • Websites and e-learning programs
  • Seminars
  • Online courses
  • Harvard ManageMentor online resources
You can also access StarHOT, StarFRND and Starwood Shopping here.

Tell me more about the StarHOT and StarFRND rates...

StarHOT is the provision of discounted rooms at participating hotels for Starwood associates and associates of participating Starwood franchise properties. Subject to availability, employees can book unlimited nights annually, although each stay is limited to 14 nights, whether it's for one room or multiple. StarHOT also makes discounted room rates available to associates' immediate family members. This includes their spouse or domestic partner, children, siblings, parents and parents-in-law. The associate doesn't need to accompany the family members for these stays. Starwood is very strict about this policy not being abused, as in the past some employees have booked stays on behalf of non-immediate family members or friends or even sold stays on to others. All about StarwoodONE, StarHOT and StarFRND To book non-immediate leisure travel for family members and friends, employees can use StarFRND instead.

How much can I save with StarHOT or StarFRND rates?

StarHOT rates are $49, $69 or $89, depending on the property. All regular, active, full-time and part-time associates can book these rates for leisure travel and the benefit starts as soon as you begin employment with Starwood. You can also choose to add on $1 to one of these rates and it will be donated to the Starwood Associate Relief Fund. While not quite as cheap as StarHOT rates, the StarFRND tool is still a useful benefit to have for extended family or friends.

What else do I need to know about StarwoodONE, StarHOT and StarFRND?

Starwood is very strict in that it prohibits unauthorized access to or use of the StarwoodONE system. It may be useful to know that you don't earn SPG points on StarHOT or StarFRND bookings, but you may earn points on eligible incidentals. Get Real Time Deal Alerts and access to 5,000+ Daily Flight Deals and more than 100,000 hotel rates sorted by deals with a Mighty Travels Premium Subscription.
See how everyone can now afford to fly Business Class and book 5 Star Hotels with Mighty Travels Premium! Get started for free.