Canadair Regional Jet 700 – The Flight Test

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What's the scoop with the Canadair Regional Jet 700?

We take a look at the CRJ700 aircraft, in particular the Delta aircraft's seating and user reviews of seat comfort, to help you with your future trips.

The Canadair Regional Jets (known as CRJ) are a family of regional aircraft manufactured by Bombardier, to include the CRJ100, CRJ200, CRJ700 and more. Bombardier is a Canadian multinational aerospace and transport company, founded in 1942 to make snow machines and snowmobiles, then branched out over the years into the manufacture of regional airliners and business jets, as well as mass transport and recreational equipment and even as a provider of financial services.

Bombardier's headquarters is in Quebec's Montreal and the final assembly of its aircraft takes place at Montréal-Mirabel International Airport.

The company acquired the Canadian government-owned aircraft manufacturing company Canadair in 1986 after a large reported corporate loss. These days, some of Bombardier's most popular aircraft include the CRJ lines of regional airliners, including the CRJ700, which is used by Delta, United Express and more.

Tell me more about the Canadair Regional Jet 700...

The company commenced design work on the CRJ700 series in 1995 and it was officially launched in 1997. The CRJ700 is a stretched 70-seat derivative of the CRJ200 aircraft, but actual seating ranges between 66 to 78. The CRJ700 used by Delta Air Lines can accommodate 65 passengers, with 9 in first class, 8 in Delta Comfort and 48 in the main cabin. In first class, the pitch is 36 and the width is 19.6; in comfort+ the pitch is 34 and the width is 17.3; in economy the pitch is 31 and the width is 17.3.

The SeatGuru resource features user reviews of various aircraft, with their thoughts on seat width, pitch and comfort. The Delta Bombardier CRJ-700 reviews on SeatGuru include recent helpful comments such as the following:

  • Jack Blair states that seat 11C has noticeably reduced legroom.

  • A SeatGuru user wrote that there is no under-seat storage in front of seat 4B, but there is for seat 4A.

  • A SeatGuru user wrote that seat 4A is one of the best comfort+ seats, with seemingly more legroom than in first class.

  • This is echoed by Jason Michael, who states that seat 4A is, "... amazing. First class pitch, if not more."

What else do I need to know about the Canadair Regional Jet 700?

It seems that the CRJ700 seats tend to be favorably reviewed for comfort by frequent flyers. Before you book your next flight on this aircraft, it's worth checking SeatGuru before you choose your seat - although 4A seems to be so popular that it may well have already been booked!

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