Unlimited (!) private jet travel within California for $1,750 a month

Posted on October 8, 2015 by in Cheap flights

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What is Surf Air?

Surf Air is a startup operating out of San Carlos, CA. San Carlos is just a few miles south of San Francisco and right in the middle of the Peninsula.

The airline operates 50 scheduled flights each day on an eight-seater Pilatus PC-12 executive aircraft.

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The company flies private jets from several airports in California:

Hawthorne / LA Metro
San Carlos / SF Bay Area
Santa Barbara
Las Vegas*
Oakland / SF Bay Area
Burbank / LA Metro
Truckee / Lake Tahoe
Palm Springs

The full flight schedule is here.

If you sign up you get a certain number of passes (two for the membership quoted below). Each pass allows you to book a flight whenever you wish, once the flight is consumed you can book again.

The company representative ran me through some random availability and more than 48 hours out most flights show availability – within 48 hours is when flight get booked a lot.

I imagine Friday evening flights will be harder to book than say Monday evenings.

However if you are flexible you should have no trouble getting flights booked 48 hours out. That means you can take up to 60 (!) private jet flights a month for $1,750!


– Sign-Up Fee $1,000 (can always be waived if you negotiate hard)

– Monthly Unlimited Pass (two passes) $1,850/month with a 3 month commitment

– Monthly Unlimited pass (two passes) $1,750/month with a 12 month commitment (also gives you 4 free rides for any nominated passenger).

After the initial term the agreement renews on a month-to-month basis.

There are no taxes or other fees for each flight.

Our Verdict

Fares between the Bay Area and Los Angeles have exploded recently and a return trip booked a week out now trades at $500 in Economy. First Class fares are about $800 for the one hour flight!

If you commute on a regular basis (with last minute arrangements) between the Bay Area and L.A. this is a no- brainer! Flying private also means no crowds, no TSA abuse and no raucous seat mates.