Cathay Pacific The Pier First Class Lounge Review Hong Kong

Posted on September 17, 2015 by in Best use of Cathay Pacific / Asia Miles, Cathay Pacific Reviews, Free Lounge Access and Lounge Reviews


For my Cathay Pacific First Class flight two weeks ago from Singapore to Hong Kong and on to San Francisco I had a 4 hour layover in Hong Kong. Since I had been to The Wing First Class lounge near Gate 4 several times I wanted to try something new.

Since May 2015 Cathay Pacific operates the The Pier First Class Lounge near Gate 63. That is a solid 15 minutes walk away from the gates where most West Coast US departure leave from but it’s worth it as you will see below.

When I stopped by the lounge at 8 PM I expected some solid crowds since the Cathay pacific lounges fill up with passengers departing for the many flights to Europe and the US just before/after midnight. However the huge lounge was pretty empty almost the entire time.

Since I was hungry I steered clear of the spa and settled into the restaurant area. It is huge with maybe 30 tables. There was only one other table occupied at 8.30 PM – prime dinner time if you ask me.




The menu was exhaustive with a range of delicious options. I opted for two appetizers and two entrees. The portion size was rather small to begin with and I was curios to try more food options.

All the options were delicious and a big improvement over the food served at the Wing. The service was impeccable as well – maybe a bit too rushed as it was rough to finish anything since the wait staff would literally grab the table from under my fork.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 9.43.25 AM

After this feast I moved on to the sofa area and explored the snack buffet. The buffet as a number of delicacies like the yogurt and was very well presented.

The lounge area has a waiter drinks service (I selected champagne and rose which were both excellent) and macadamia nuts!









For most of the time it was very quiet and very comfortable.

I have two gripes with the lounge – I brought a warm sweater and I really needed it for the lounge – it was freezing and other passengers also were bundled up in their coats. Additionally the Internet was so sloooow – think top speeds of 1 Mbit. Add to that that I was basically by myself in the huge sofa area and the speed seems ridiculous (even for a public airport WiFi this would be considered super slow). It also kept dropping the connection every time.

If they would now fix the Internet I would think Cathay provides serious competition to the Lufthansa First Class Terminal.


4 / 5 stars