The Rapid Reward enrollment code search (and the likely program devaluation in April)

Posted on February 18, 2015 by in Southwest Rapid Rewards

Is there a Rapid Rewards enrollment code?

Currently, there isn't a Rapid Reward enrollment code to help us get extra sign-up points. We've been searching for a Rapid Rewards enrollment code ever since we wrote about it and found out that in the past there have been much higher sign-up bonuses and occasional promotional codes posted.

The current sign-up bonus with Rapid Rewards is still only 500 points total – 250 points when you sign up to the Rapid Rewards Report and another 250 points when you sign up for the Rapid Rewards E-mail Update for three months. This hasn't changed since our November post.

In the past, the sign-up bonus has been increased to 750 points and even 2,000 points, so surely we must be due an increase soon?

Maybe not, as Southwest just recently posted an update to its Rapid Rewards program, due to begin April 17, 2015, which is likely to bring us at least some bad news when the full report is released.

The last devaluation in 2013 hit us hard, as the generous Wanna Get Away redemptions were affected.

The changes in April aren't necessarily devaluations, but it's likely, especially due to the fact that the program update mentions that some flights will have a different redemption rate, based on factors such as destination, time, day of travel, demand and fare class.

So should I wait for a Rapid Reward enrollment code?

If you're not intending to travel SWA anytime soon, there's no harm in waiting until nearer the time of the program changes in April to see if a Rapid Reward enrollment code appears, but if you want to start earning Rapid Rewards now, then sign up now and take the 500 points, but also consider other ways to earn.

The best way of earning Rapid Rewards is still by signing up to a credit card like the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier, which offers a massive 50,000 points after a $2,000 spend in 3 months, as we wrote about recently. You also get 6,000 points after your cardmember anniversary.

If you're thinking about applying for this card, do so before a devaluation hits, as it's likely to this April.

You can apply for the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier credit card here.

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