Emirates First Class Lounge Review Dubai International Airport

Written and Published December 12, 2014

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First things first - the Emirates First Class Lounge in Dubai is actually not really a traditional lounge; it is an entire floor of an airport with an open roof.

This lounge is so big that it has dedicated retail shops inside the First Class lounge!

Dubai Airport has built up three layers for A Gate departures - Economy, the Business Lounge and the First Class Lounge. So you kinda get your own terminal, since you can board directly from the lounge onto the plane.

But it also takes away the exclusivity and calm that most lounges have. There is the normal airport background noise, there is no real roof and it just does not feel comfy. You feel 'exposed'. There are many chairs and tables and several buffets and bars, as well as showers, sleeping rooms and a dining hall.

I had breakfast in the full-service dining area and the waffles and salad I had were really good - as was the coffee. If you have been to the Lufthansa First Class Terminal, you can guess how it works. It's very comparable, though the quality of the breakfast items in the Lufthansa First Class Terminal is better.

Also, the WiFi was painfully slow, even though there weren't too many people in the First Class area (but it might be shared with the Business Class lounge). It's really not expensive to invest in a proper Cisco router and a 100 Mbit connection.

Emirates has done a good job building an efficient lounge/terminal area. It's integrated into the terminal and you are close to your boarding gate eliminating transfers. However, it's not a lounge in that it feels somehow like you are just waiting 'at the gate'. This is really just psychological, since all the luxurious amenities are there.

I did not like the color code and interior design - it really just does not create something exclusive.

So what to make of this? Luxury is partially an illusion of making something artificially rare. It's not really about the product (you can buy most luxurious breakfast items at any Whole Foods for $20). It's a combination of a good hard product and that illusion of 'scarcity and exclusivity'. I feel Emirates has failed to create it. I understand that the airport design involves a certain efficiency, but the whole ground experience at Dubai Airport (see my upcoming Emirates First Class flight review) is just disappointing.

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