50,000 Citi AAdvantage Mastercard (no fee first year) working link

We have written about the Citi 50,000 MasterCard for AAdvantage before.

It’s still the same great card with these features:

Airline Credit Cards

– 50,000 AAdvantage sign-up bonus miles

– $3,000 minimum spend within 3 months

– no fee in the first year, then $95

– double miles on purchases on American Airlines

– the first bag flies free on American Airlines (and for up to 4 travel companions)

Airline Credit Cards

While Citi has had different rules about when and how you can get the sign-up bonus again, I have yet to be denied for a sign-up bonus when approved for a Citi card.

There used to be a MasterCard and Visa card you could apply for at the same time (and get both bonuses) but I can’t find any link for the Citi AAdvantage Visa card anymore.

There is, however, a Citi Business AAdvantage 50,000 bonus card now.

Apply here with the working application link (incl. landing page).


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