Review The Lounge Club Atlanta Airport

Written and Published August 10, 2014

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Since AirTran does not include any lounge offerings in its business class, I had to find my way to a (quel horreur!) Priority Pass lounge in Atlanta. The Lounge Club is accessible in the International Terminal to Priority Pass holders.

It seems brand new and is toned in white colors with elegant furniture. I liked the visuals way more than my last visits to a Delta Sky Club last year.

The bar was fully stocked (not helpful for a 6AM visit for me at least) and there were a number of snacks (potato chips and fruits) on offer.

I asked for a shower and voilà, 10 minutes later a clean, really well-looking shower room opened up for me. Too bad, though, that it was freezing (think 50 degrees) and the water pressure was more a trickle. But it did get the job done to refresh myself after a red eye from the West Coast.

The WiFi was fast and worked without a hitch.

This is a good lounge for a couple of hours - especially when it is so empty as on my visit. It's a bit above most lounges in the US but just a bit :)

Did you know that you can access 700+ lounges worldwide with

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