Turkish Airlines CIP Lounge (Renovated) Istanbul Review

Written and Published June 21, 2014

I have previously been a couple of times to what is probably the best Star Alliance Gold lounge operated by Turkish Airlines at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport.

I wrote a review for the THY lounge here and added some more thoughts here.

Now the lounge has opened another level and has easily doubled the space (maybe even tripled in size).

I was really positively surprised by the new level that has been added. The stairs connecting the two is a beautiful piece of architecture. It all looks very well done.

The extension is basically multiplying the services you have on the old higher level. The same excellent food and drink offerings are being provided. When I went there on Monday at 6AM there were 18 (!) people in line for the shower. The new lower level had no line at all.

There are more entertainment options now with video games and an indoor golf area.

When I was there, the staff at the new baking area were baking fresh Turkish breads.

All in all, this lounge has only gotten better - a great job by Turkish Airlines. In the past, the crowds were the most annoying thing and it seems you can now finally get a seat again. However, at Istanbul Airport it is still a long way to many gates (e.g. the 301-311 bus gates). It's a solid fast 10 minute walk to reach those - not that the lounge staff can do anything about that though.

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