So I was at Mystique, Santorini and I wasn’t too impressed…

Posted on August 10, 2013 by in Starwood Hotels

On Wednesday last week I toured Oia in Santorini, Greece and I also had a tour at the fabled Mystique. Note I did not stay here as the hotel gad 0 availability.

The hotel consistently prices in the EUR 500+ category for standard (small) rooms. It used to be 60,000 Starpoints per night and 'dropped' to 39,000 recently.

Oia is a very scenic place and the view from the hotel are marvelous but so are all the views from public places in Oia. The town is the most prestigious on the island and due to very little space commands high room rates for small properties.

Being the hotel snob and value seeker I was hoping to be blown away by the hotel – but just wasn't.

The swimming pool is tiny and not an infinity pool. The public areas are just tiny and not as luxurious as I was expecting. I did not see the rooms but had the suspicion they were pretty small. Not all rooms have private patios.

Also for a hotel in such style I find it odd that coffee was drawn from a dirty, cheap espresso machine instead of a high pressure espresso machine that every coffee shop on the island has.

Still the views are awesome and just hanging out at the pool area (as tiny as it is) or walking into town is marvelous. It's just not a great deal…

Mighty's Take

Santorini is a fantastic island and superbly scenic. I highly recommend going there. However I just can't see the value of the Mystique property at 39,000 points a night. It/s just about 1.5 cents per Starpoints plus the hotel isn't too impressive (though the town absolutely is).