British Airways ‘Galleries’ Business Class lounge London Heathrow Terminal 5

Posted on May 19, 2013 by in Travel Deals

I admit this was my first contact with any of the British Airways lounges in Terminal 5. They are located at the South End of the Terminal. It's a number of entrances for the First Class, Business Class lounges and Enemis Spa.

The Galleries lounge struck me as enormous. The hustle of people in the walkways and at the buffet at 6 PM was just crazy.

Seating (Quality, Space)

An enormous amount of different seating options from table, bar, long shared tables to more relaxing furniture like sofas.

The lounge extends to the left and right from the entrance and it's really confusing for the first time user to spot all the drinks and food buffets.

The quality and variety of seating is top notch – it all looks pretty new (well all of Terminal 5 is pretty new).

Food (Selection, Taste, Quality)

There were a number of hot items like Pasta and a Thai curry available. There was a salad bar and lot's of cheese. While the cheese looked delicious it was surprisingly bland. I did not try any other items.

Lots of nonalcoholic and alcoholic drinks on offer. I saw at least half a dozen different wine brands on offer.

Connectivity (Internet Speed)

Horribly slow Internet provided by the lounge. The login process took a minute or two and once connected it was 0.1MBit again if any.

I realize the lounge was crowded (though there were many empty seats left) but the Internet was useless.

For me fast connectivity is probably the most important feature of any lounge (I really like to work in lounges, what can I do) and the lounge failed that test completely.

I even tried a pay-for-use Boingo network that was GBP 7.95 but this one had similar performance characteristics.


I believe there are showers but I did not test them.


A beautiful lounge with decent food offerings. The horrible Wifi experience spoiled the visit for me. There are lots of newspapers and magazines to help pass the time (if you are into that). Next time I will try the smaller BA lounge at the other end of the terminal. I'm no fan of crowds and the constant noise and movement by fellow passengers reduces the amount I can enjoy a lounge by a lot.