Review: British Airways Galleries Lounge at New York JFK (used as Cathay Pacific lounge)

Posted on April 5, 2014 by in Best use of Cathay Pacific / Asia Miles, Cathay Pacific Reviews

For my flight in Business Class I arrived early at the check-in. In fact way too early! The departure time was 1.30 AM and check-in only starts at 6.30 PM for the Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong (10 PM via Vancouver and later the direct flight). Terminal 7 is a strange affair but the check-in was done in 2 minutes with a friendly agent.

There also is a separate security check (though you may be able to use it with any boarding pass) just past the premium cabin counters.

Cathay Pacific has no lounge at JFK and uses the British Airways Galleries lounge instead. This is a great lunge seemingly and quite a good place to be – however the real head turners of this lounge (the complimentary spa, the lunch/ dinner service) are limited to British Airways Club World fliers. The lunch/dinner is also open to Cathay Pacific First Class fliers though.

This limits the options a bit but nevertheless the lounge offers clean showers, a full drinks buffet with 6 different quality red wines, champagne and many white wines. There is ample seating space – in fact barely two dozen people were in the lounge after 8 PM.

The lounge staff was friendly and the lounge appearance was spotless. The bathrooms were rather small for such an extensive lounge though – not sure if the lounge may have been extended.

The WiFi was rather slow with just about 2 Mbit – don;t think about watching Youtube videos in this lounge!

In sum a good place to spend a couple of hours – next time I'll be on Cathay Pacific First Class if space opens up 🙂

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