What happens when you take the last flight of the day and it’s being cancelled?

Posted on April 23, 2013 by in American Airlines AAdvantage

Well if you are adventurous enough to try that with American Airlines and the sequestration in place you will be stuck until the next morning πŸ™ That's what happened to me yesterday – my 9.20 PM flight from SJC to LAX was cancelled. I always check my flight before I leave but yesterday was quite hectic and I just barely made it to the airport 50 minutes prior just to see my flight red-lined πŸ™

American Airlines blamed it on sequestration and the reduced slots in LAX. I'm not so sure. I was re-booked for the 6.50AM flight but I'd have trouble beating L.A. traffic.

So I decided to cancel the whole trip. I did try that online and the BA booking engine was confused as I was past my flight departure time. It simply returned a screen with a form and instructions to wait for an email. I did not wait for it and called Executive Club this morning. The agent redeposited the miles without hesitation and did not even ask for the $40 fee (since I cancelled online).

I really love using Avios for short-haul domestic flights as they basically provide you with a fully flexible ticket. Now I just wish I'd had status on OneWorld or AA πŸ™‚