How to file a Hyatt Best Rate Guarantee claim

Posted on March 3, 2013 by in Best Rate Guarantee, World of Hyatt

This is the fifth post in our series about understanding BRGs. So far we have reviewed IHG, Marriott, Starwoods and Club Carlsons BRG.

Hyatt publishes an FAQ for the BRG here.

If your claim is approved you will receive a 20% discount on the lower rate you have found.

Here's how to file a Hyatt BRG claim properly:

1) Identify the Hyatt hotels in the location you'd like to stay

Hyatt has a limited footprint and just a few brands. With the exception of Andaz they all contain the word 'Hyatt'. It could not be easier with Hyatt:)

2) Compare prices between hotel booking sites and

I usually start out with, and and These sites are all meta-search sites where you can browse multiple sites at once. I use up to 50 other sites if I can't find anything there.

3) Find matching room types and cancellation policies

Once you have identified potential 'targets' narrow it down and make sure it's really the same room description.

Agents can be picky with that. However I lately had success matching a 'Standard' room on a comparison site to the lowest room category on However there are no rules here.

The BRG team usually accepts a flexible rate as comparison rate – they will not compare the cancellation deadline by the hour as Club Carlson does.

4) The fine print

Hyatt's BRG looks awesome but there is one issue that almost eliminates its value entirely.

– Hyatt BRG excludes a wide range of Internet sites completely

Hyatt is the only BRG programs that basically excludes 50% of all comparison sites right off the bat.

Recent announcements on Flyertalk and here indicate that most sites are NOW eligible for verification.

There is no phone claim verification anymore – claims have to be done by the web form.

My take:

Hyatt is probably the best built out and most consistent brand of all major hotel chains. I usually look forward to any interaction with the staff.

It remains to be seen if the web form submission will be a fair process (like with Marriott hotels) or a step towards denying almost all BRG claims (Hilton/Radisson and recently IHG).