iflyswa.com and how to take advantage of the great deals that Southwest Airlines offers

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iflyswa.com and how to take advantage of the great deals that Southwest Airlines offers

iflyswa.com takes you to the Southwest Airlines website, where you can book your flight, hotel, car rental, or vacation, check your Southwest Airlines flight status, or check in for your flight. You can also access Rapid Rewards, which is Southwest's frequent flyer program.

Southwest Airlines is a low-fare carrier, which means that they typically have lower prices than other airlines. If you're looking to save money on your next flight, start with iflyswa and consider booking with Southwest.

In addition to their low fares, Southwest also offers a number of other benefits that can make your travel experience more enjoyable. For example, their website program allows you to check in online and print your boarding pass at home, so you don't have to wait in line at the airport. Southwest also offers a variety of other benefits, including a generous baggage allowance and no change fees.

Also available through the website is the Southwest Low Fare Calendar is that it cannot be found anywhere except on the Southwest website (iflyswa.com).

Core Features and Services of Iflyswa

Southwest provides its customers with a multitude of benefits and services. Each feature is unique in its own nature. These are as follows:

iflyswa.com and how to take advantage of the great deals that Southwest Airlines offers

Two Bags Fly Free

There are different fare types and each fare type brings its own perks with it. Similarly, these fare types facilitate you with two checked bags for free. If you choose to cancel the flight or change the flight, you will not be charged any extra fee as a penalty. However, the base fare is non-refundable.

Assignment of Boarding Groups

You will travel in the form of a boarding group. Instead of a particular seat on your name, there will be a whole group of boarders you will travel with. It will be allocated according to your check-in time. Hence, it is essential to check in a day before your departure. This way you can choose the seat of your likeness.

Rapid Rewards:

This is an interesting feature at iflyswa. You will get extra points for every flight despite the fact of how far you travel. The number of your flights will determine your bonus points. After a certain threshold, you will earn elite status. It will allow you to board early no matter when you check in. This Rapid Rewards feature is an indispensable one.

No Cancellations and Changes Fee:

Unlike other airline services, iflyswa relieves your burden of stressing over any cancelation fee owing to any emergency situation. You can cancel the flight at the eleventh hour and no penalty will be lodged. Economy class passengers will receive flight credits but if someone is a business class passenger, he/she will get a hundred percent money refund. This feature makes Iflyswa a passenger-friendly service.

Complimentary Snacks and Beverages:

Southwest Airlines prioritizes the comfort of its passengers. No matter if you are on a long flight or a short one, you will receive free of cost non-alcoholic drinks and snacks to satiate your appetite. However, it is advisable to carry some packed foods in case your snack runs out.

How Should You Use Iflyswa Low-Fare Calendar? 

Using the Southwest low-fare calendar is certainly not an uphill task. It is quite simple in its procedure. All you need to do is first enter your specific departure and arrival airports. From there, reach out to any nearest counter and choose your ticket type. Select your desired departure and return date or month. Mention the number of passengers and click on “search”.

iflyswa.com and how to take advantage of the great deals that Southwest Airlines offers

Mind that if you plan on returning the same month, opt for a one-way ticket. Do not select the return month. Once you enter all figures and hit search, a page will load and a calendar will pop up. That calendar will display all vacant dates for your departure and return month, along with the cheapest rates.

iflyswa.com and how to take advantage of the great deals that Southwest Airlines offers

Once you choose your flight dates, another option will pop out displaying the available times for your Southwest Airlines flight. Not all flights mentioned on that day need to be cheap. There are some bit costlier ones as well, but you got to choose the low fare prices. Last but not the least; make sure your date and time are correctly selected. Now have a brilliant experience flying with Southwest Airlines flight with the assistance of a low fair calendar.

Limitations with Iflyswa Low Fare Calendar

Unlike other airlines' calendars, Iflyswa low-fare calendar comes with minimal restrictions. They might sound negligible; however, there are a few aspects that must be considered in order to prevent any hurdles for your plans. The prices of flights in the southwest low fare calendar are not finalized and guaranteed until they are fully booked properly. The base fares or ‘Wanna Get Away’ fares are not eligible for any refund. You can have an alternative benefit in the form of future flight credits.

It is essential to note that low-fare seats are often limited in a plane. There are few sets of seats that can cost you less, however, if there are more than 10 persons on board, it will be difficult to accommodate everyone on low-fare seats. Therefore, you cannot book flight tickets for 10 or more people since fares do not apply automatically to all people. While you are searching for seats on your desired date, an ‘‘unavailable’’ error may pop up. It means that Iflyswa has not updated any flight schedules for that date.

Moreover, if there is an error of ‘sold out’, it depicts that all the desired seats have been filled and there are no more left on that flight. Remember that due to their attraction to passengers, cheap tickets get sold out quickly. Keep finding and always be prepared to book them at first chance.


Upgrade Options

There are multiple options for upgradation with regard to date and flight. Once you enter your desired date and select the flight, you will be led to a new page for further flight options. Since Southwest does not highlight the cheapest rates itself, the cheapest rates are merged with others. You must be vigilant enough to figure out the lowest prices.

From here, you can have the access to upgrade your flight tier. If you booked economy class on a low calendar, you could add the base here. Double the base fare and it will be equivalent to business class. However, in this scenario, you must consider the cheapest fare for better convenience.

iflyswa.com and how to take advantage of the great deals that Southwest Airlines offers

Once you complete selecting and upgrading your flight tier, a summary of the trip and details will appear before you. A receipt will emerge containing all details related to fees and taxes applicable to your trip. You can add a fee through a quite viable and effective app Uplift. Although it is not available on all trips, you certainly can pay the fees in the span of several months.
iflyswa.com and how to take advantage of the great deals that Southwest Airlines offers


How can you Utilize best the Southwest Airlines Low Fare Calendar?

Once you start availing of the low fare calendar opportunities, you will get addicted to the low fare calendar. You will enjoy searching for the cheapest deals on schedule and locking them in your flight booking. Following are a few ways you can benefit most from the low-fare search, especially if you are starting from basics:

iflyswa.com and how to take advantage of the great deals that Southwest Airlines offers

  • Cheaper Options at Nearby Airport:

Bigger airports come with greater costs. They are a go-to option but not viable in the context of financial resources. You have to pay hefty charges and taxes for airlines and flyers. Always search out for other departure points to ensure if there is any additional cheaper price available. Only a crowd of few will accompany you, and you will experience a smooth journey.

  • Mid-week Flight Dates:

The most important feature you will get is that you can book vacations from your work during the weekdays. That way you can enjoy your vacations at your desired destination, along with your loved ones.

  • Value of Points:

Southwest Airlines provides you the benefit of getting points on each trip you make. No matter how frequently you take flights or how far you go, for each flight you will take, you will be awarded points, i.e., 70 points per 1$ of airfare. The unique feature of these points is experienced when you redeem them against certain hotels, rental cars, merchandise, etc. Points can be redeemed easily, once you go to the top right corner in the Low Fare Calendar through a toggle switch.

  • Upgrade for a Reward Tier:

There are multiple benefits of upgrading to a reward tier in Southwest Airlines. Especially if you are a frequent flyer with iflyswa, it is recommended for you to upgrade your tier or push it a bit further and avail the Companion Pass. Before applying for the companion pass, you are a Chase card holder. You upgrade from here a bit and full the requirement for the companion pass, which will allow you to accompany someone of your choice to the next flight for free. The Low Fare Calendar facilitates its passengers by saving them time and money and assisting them with easy search methods to avail cheapest tickets for their routes. This way you will save huge money on your airfare. Unlike other airlines, Southwest Airlines is renowned for its customer-friendly approach and luxurious deals that are a must-go-to. Next time you book a flight; do not forget to visit Southwest Airlines beforehand because time is running out on good deals.

What the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass is about?

A companion pass, as the name suggests, is a special pass that is unique in its nature. Southwest Airlines has added this feature, unlike other airline services. You can avail yourself of the opportunity to choose a companion to fly with you for free on this pass. Both travel lovers and couples like the companion pass. All you need to do is pay a small amount of taxes on those complimentary tickets. This is a buy-one-get-one-free deal.

iflyswa.com and how to take advantage of the great deals that Southwest Airlines offers

The companion pass is gifted to you with access for one year. This way you can save money from extravagant expenditure. This companion pass can be obtained under certain conditions. If you fly a hundred flights in a calendar year and earn 125,000 earning points that year, you can make reservations on the Southwest airline’s website.

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