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Date Posted Airline Class of Service Price USD Round Trip What else?
7 days agoLevelEconomyUS$ 112NGreat fares from/to the Carribean and France. bring a free carry-on but food and bags are chargeable.
7 days agoMultipleEconomyUS$ 99NExcellent prices for the transcon - JetBlue would be our favorite for service, free WiFi and more legroom and a free carry-on.
7 days agoLOT or FinnairEconomyUS$ 1,496YGreat lie-flat Business Class options to Singapore and Bangkok.
7 days agoLAXBusinessUS$ 973YExcellent fares on the direct 787, lie-flat to Bogota from Los Angeles.
7 days agoChina SouthernEconomyUS$ 157YSuper cheap fares to China (more destinations likely work) w bags, miles and food.
7 days agoEmiratesEconomyUS$ 661YExcellent fares on a great airline. Comes with great service, food, bags, miles.
7 days agoTAPEconomyUS$ 457YNot our favorite airline but a great price! Bags and food as well as some miles are included.
7 days agointerjetEconomyUS$ 169YSuper cheap fares incl. a carry-on to Lima! These work one-way as well.
7 days agoOneworldEconomyUS$ 252YBags are $60 each way.
7 days agoAir FranceEconomyUS$ 389YGreta fares on a good airline. Carry-on's are included and the food is usually good.
7 days agoLATAMEconomyUS$ 122YExcellent fares between those tow South American metros. These work one-way.
8 days agoHainan AirlinesEconomyUS$ 251YThe best Chinese mainland airline has wonderful fares. These come on new planes, with bags and miles.
8 days agoFInnairEconomyUS$ 375YBags are $60 each way - great fare if you can just pack a carry-on.
8 days agoAirAsiaEconomyUS$ 199YLovely escape fares to/ from the Maldives. Carry-on is included.
8 days agoUnitedEconomyUS$ 407YSuper cheap fares to the Chinese East Coast w United. Comes with free bags.
8 days agoChina EasternBusinessUS$ 2,195YExcellent fares to China on China Eastern.
8 days agoChina EasternBusinessUS$ 1,568YMore excellent Business Class fares to china. Likely more Chinese cities work. Plenty of miles to earn!
8 days agoAir ChinaBusinessUS$ 2,681YAtlanta is usually not included in the China sales - this is the first time we see it. Air China has a solid product - do not expect wonders in terms of service.
8 days agoAviancaBusinessUS$ 763YAngled lie-flat (sometimes lie-flat) to Bogota and then regional gets to Lima. Beats Economy anytime :)
8 days agoEtihadEconomyUS$ 401YGood fares on Etihad to Europe. Comes with the excellent Etihad service.
8 days agoUnitedEconomyUS$ 105YGreat United sale (and Frontier). Get a United credit card for a free bag / carry-on.
8 days agoNorwegianEconomyUS$ 41YSuper cheap fares for Argentine domestic travel.
8 days agoVietnam AirlinesEconomyUS$ 41YSuper cheap escape from Saigon to the resort island of Phu Quoc.
8 days agointerjetEconomyUS$ 195YExcellent fares to Cancun w. a free carry-on.
8 days agoChina EasternEconomyUS$ 388YExcellent fares from China's most Western city to L.A.. Comes with bags, miles and food.
9 days agoKLMBusinessUS$ 1,651YDirect flights on KLM or Aeromexico.
9 days agointerjetEconomyUS$ 210YLot's of stops but a great price!
9 days agoChina EasternBusinessUS$ 1,823YMore of those excellent lie-flat Business Class fares to China.
9 days agointerjetEconomyUS$ 192YMore ultra-cheap fares on Interjet.
9 days agoAir CanadaBusinessUS$ 2,540YGood fares to India on Air Canada's solid lie-flat product.
9 days agoScootEconomyUS$ 505YExcellent fares on anew planes to Europe. Also works one-way.
9 days agoScootEconomyUS$ 406YCheap direct flights with new planes on Scoot with a free carry-on. Also works one-way.
9 days agoSwissEconomyUS$ 251YGreat fares on a great airline, Bags are $60 each way though!
9 days agointerjetEconomyUS$ 416YGreta fares to Santiago de Chile. interjet is a low-cost airline but carry-ons are included.
10 days agoKLMEconomyUS$ 616YGood fares to Tanzania (Safaris and Zanzibar)
10 days agoOneworldEconomyUS$ 401YDirect flights on American to Berlin in August 2019 - middle of peak season for transatlantic flights. Carry-ons are included.
10 days agointerjetEconomyUS$ 250YGood fares to Lima (one of our favorite cities in the Americas). These work one-way and come with a free carry-on.
10 days agointerjetEconomyUS$ 185YLovely fares to Oaxaca. These work one-way and come with a free carry-on.
10 days agoS7EconomyUS$ 119YGreat fares for these Russian domestic flights. Free carry-on is included. These work one-way.
10 days agoeurowingsEconomyUS$ 170NExcellent fares to/from Jamaica. These come with a free carry-on.
10 days agoDeltaEconomyUS$ 202YGood fares to San Juan. Delta has a brand new Sky Club at PHX now as well.
10 days agoRyanair and Aer LingusEconomyUS$ 218YCarry-ons against a small fee w Ryanair.
10 days agoAmericanEconomyUS$ 136YAmerican has put a number of destinations on sale from Minneapolis. San Jose seems the best deal.
10 days agoBritish AirwaysBusinessUS$ 1,396YGreat Business Class fares from Germany to the US during summer 2020.
10 days agoUnitedEconomyUS$ 67NUnited is fighting it out with Alaska and customers profit from those ultra-low fares. Just a few dates left.
10 days agoChina SouthernBusinessUS$ 1,697YCool Business Class fares on the China Southern lie-flat product to China.
11 days agoSASEconomyUS$ 364YLovely fares to Dublin. Likely more EU cities work.
11 days agoAmericanEconomyUS$ 128NGood fares to Cuba with plenty of dates until Jan 2020.
11 days agointerjetEconomyUS$ 71YSuper cheap Return fares to Cancun. Those come with a free carry-on and work one-way.
11 days agoAeromexico or InterjetEconomyUS$ 194YGreat fares on that usually expensive route. Just a little more for Aeromexico.