An Adventure in Paradise: Why Panama is the Ideal Family Getaway

Post originally Published January 3, 2024 || Last Updated January 3, 2024

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An Adventure in Paradise: Why Panama is the Ideal Family Getaway - pristine beaches ideal for relaxation and water sports

An Adventure in Paradise: Why Panama is the Ideal Family Getaway

With over 1,500 miles of coastline, it’s no wonder Panama is emerging as a top beach destination for families. From the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean, the country boasts seemingly endless stretches of sand in every hue, providing the ideal backdrop for rest, relaxation, and aquatic adventures.

One standout is Playa Estrella, located along the so-called “Costa Arriba” on the Caribbean side. Protected as part of Portobelo National Park, this palm-lined beach remains blissfully undeveloped. Visitors rave about the soft sand and calm, crystalline waters that create prime conditions for swimming and snorkeling. Keep an eye out for colorful reef fish and even sea turtles gliding by. Estrella also appeals to families thanks to gentle waves, a lifeguard on duty, and beachfront eateries serving up fresh seafood and cold drinks when you need a break from the sun.
Over on the Pacific, Playa Blanca similarly delights with talcum-fine sand and offshore reefs brimming with marine life. Burn off energy by swimming out to the floating platforms anchored just offshore. Come at low tide and you can even walk out over the exposed coral beds. The beach also provides access to Isla Iguana Wildlife Refuge, a short kayak ride away. Paddling around the island allows opportunities to spot blue-footed boobies, frigatebirds, and giant iguanas sunbathing on the rocks.
For even more aquatic action, Bocas del Toro is Panama’s surf capital. Located on the country’s northwestern coast, this archipelago offers waves suitable for all levels. Playa Bluff attracts beginners looking to learn on sandy-bottomed breaks, while more advanced surfers test their skills at Playa Punch, where powerful swells barrel in from the Caribbean. Group lessons and surf camps abound, so families can easily arrange instruction for all ages and abilities. Off the board, don’t miss snorkeling around colorful coral gardens or zipping over the waves on a motorized surfboard.

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An Adventure in Paradise: Why Panama is the Ideal Family Getaway - lush rainforests filled with wildlife and natural wonders

Beyond the beaches, Panama's awe-inspiring rainforests teem with exotic plants and wildlife just waiting to be discovered. For families seeking outdoor adventures amid stunning natural scenery, the country's verdant jungles promise exhilarating hikes, memorable wildlife sightings, and breathtaking lookouts you'll never forget.

One of the most famous attractions is the Panama Canal Railway Rainforest Adventure. This full-day tour departs from Panama City and transports you deep into Soberanía National Park. After a scenic train ride alongside the canal, disembark and set out on trails winding through the lush forest. Listen for the shrieks of howler monkeys up in the canopy and keep watch for sloths clinging to branches. If you're lucky, you may even spot an elusive jaguar! The trail leads to a waterfall pouring over mossy rocks - perfect for a refreshing dip. Before heading back, cross the famous sus3ension bridge for views out over the rainforest canopy.
For more wildlife watching opportunities, head north to Gamboa Rainforest Resort. This eco-lodge organizes excursions into the surrounding Soberanía National Park and Chagres National Park where families can venture out on hiking and boat tours. Float down jungle rivers keeping eyes peeled for crocodiles, toucans, herons, and more. The resort's elevated canopy tower also allows breathtaking views over the rainforest and its winding waterways. Don't miss gliding over the treetops on the exhilarating aerial tram for a true bird's-eye perspective.
In western Panama, Boquete is a charming mountain town surrounded by cloud forests that beg to be explored. Hike along the Quetzal Trail in search of Resplendent Quetzals with their brilliant red breast plumage. This iconic Central American species thrives in Boquete's verdant hills. Or choose a multi-day trek along the Piedra de Candela trail, overnighting at shelters tucked amidst spectacular scenery. Visitors adore the vista overlooking the Rio Caldera canyon cutting through the green peaks. Boquete provides the perfect basecamp for families seeking active adventures and natural wonders amid the cool, crisp air of Panama's highlands.

An Adventure in Paradise: Why Panama is the Ideal Family Getaway - cosmopolitan city life in Panama City

Beyond the country's spectacular natural landscapes, Panama's vibrant capital thrills families with its rich culture, international flair, and abundance of urban adventures. While many know Panama for its beaches and rainforests, Panama City offers an exciting cosmopolitan experience distinct from other parts of the country.

One highlight is the city's diverse cuisine reflecting influences from around the world. Dine on Peruvian favorites like ceviche and lomo saltado or savor Argentine steaks sizzling from the grill. Of course, you can still find classic Panamanian mainstays like sancocho soup and fried yucca. Not to mention daily fish markets overflowing with the day's catch from both coasts. Indeed, Panama City dining offers a culinary journey across Latin America and beyond.
Families also love exploring the city's fascinating mishmash of architectural styles. In the Casco Viejo historic district, stroll cobblestone streets past Spanish colonial mansions with intricately carved wooden balconies. Then snap a photo beside the glittering skyscrapers of the financial district - an intriguing contrast of old and new. Architecture buffs relish identifying influences from Art Deco to Neoclassical to Contemporary.

When you need a break from sightseeing, Panama City's modern malls provide the perfect chance to cool off and recharge. Multiplaza Pacific, one of Latin America's largest malls, delights shopaholics with everything from luxury boutiques to quirky local designers. After racking up some retail therapy, refuel at the diverse food court sampling cuisines from around the world.

Of course, no trip to Panama City is complete without traversing the famous Panama Canal locks. Watch in awe as massive ships squeeze through, only inches separating them from either side. The Amador Causeway provides prime viewing and a chance to get up close at the Miraflores Visitor Center. Take it to the next level by booking a partial canal transit for unforgettable views from the water.

An Adventure in Paradise: Why Panama is the Ideal Family Getaway - rich history and culture to discover

Beyond beaches and jungles, Panama overflows with fascinating history and culture waiting to be uncovered. Families can immerse themselves in the influences of native, colonial, and modern eras that have all left their indelible mark.
A highlight is Panama City's Casco Viejo, where Spanish colonists founded the city in 1673. Today, this charming historic district transports visitors back in time with its cobblestone streets and beautifully preserved examples of Spanish colonial architecture. Marvel at the vaulted arches and painted tiles adorning the Palacio Bolívar, or pop into the Plaza de la Independencia ringed by elegant townhomes with wrought-iron balconies. Inside the National Theater, gilded columns and crimson curtains evoke the elegance of a bygone era.

Yet history lovers will also find poignant reminders of Panama's painful colonial past. At the ruins of Panamá Viejo, one of the first European settlements on the Pacific, families can reflect on the experiences of enslaved people who bore the brunt of dangerous labor like diving for pearls. The area is now an archaeological park where visitors can see the remaining stone walls of churches, convents, and other colonial landmarks.
For insight into Panama's indigenous roots, head to an Emberá village along the Chagres River. This proud tribe maintains traditional customs and dwellings, welcoming visitors to experience a day in their community. Watch skilled artisans transform botanicals from the rainforest into vibrant dyes using ancient knowledge passed down through generations. Visitors join in traditional music and dance with infectious rhythms that get the whole family moving. The Emberá also share their perspective on preserving cultural identity in modern Panama.
In Portobelo, explore Panama's African influence during lively Congo dance ceremonies. Brought by the Spanish as slaves, Congo culture blended with indigenous practices and Catholic traditions, resulting in colorful dances still performed today. Youth groups don elaborate satin costumes and masks to reenact battles between good and evil through energetic choreography. Visitors are welcome to join the parade through town and show off their moves with the performers.

Modern culture shines through at the Biomuseo, Panama City's world-class biodiversity museum designed by architect Frank Gehry. Exhibits showcase scientific research in the isthmus along with Panama’s unparalleled ecological diversity. Kids love the inventive displays breathing life into topics like mangrove ecosystems while adults appreciate the thought-provoking perspectives on humans’ relationship with nature.

An Adventure in Paradise: Why Panama is the Ideal Family Getaway - outdoor adventures like hiking, rafting, and zip lining

Beyond beaches and cities, Panama's rugged backcountry teems with opportunities for outdoor adventure. From misty cloud forests to roaring rivers, the country's diverse landscapes allow families to challenge themselves amid breathtaking scenery. Forget crowded amusement parks; in Panama, Mother Nature herself provides the thrills.
For many visitors, hiking through Panama's mountains and jungles proves the ultimate active escape. Trails winding through lush rainforests and over rolling highlands promise encounters with fascinating wildlife at every turn. One favorite day hike leads through Soberanía National Park to Monkey Island, where families can spot capuchin and howler monkeys up close along with sloths and over 500 species of birds. Or for multi-day adventures, tackle segments of the TransPanama Trail cutting through varied terrain from coast to coast. Pack picnics to enjoy along cascading waterfalls and stop to swim below scenic lookouts. The cool climate of Boquete makes an ideal basecamp for hikers with trails fanning out across the surrounding volcanoes and cloud forests.
Seeking wet and wild rides? Panama's rivers offer action-packed whitewater rafting suitable for all levels. Near Boquete, the Chiriquí Viejo churns through Class III and IV rapids guaranteed to deliver an adrenaline rush. Take a break by river's edge to swim beneath refreshing cascades. Closer to Panama City, the Chagres River winds through lush jungle and offers a gentler ride with fun Class II rapids families can safely navigate together. Along the way, watch for monkeys peering down from the forest canopy as you drift below. No whitewater experience? No problem. Expert guides provide safety briefings and instruction, ensuring a thrilling yet secure experience.
Soaring high above the scenery, zip lining provides another heart-pounding way to explore Panama's forests. The country boasts several acclaimed zip line tours utilizing cables spanning up to nearly one kilometer long. Guests at Gamboa Rainforest Resort can access an exhilarating circuit with 12 zip lines zigzagging over the jungle. Feel the wind in your hair as you zoom over rivers and waterfalls for awe-inspiring aerial views. Near the coast in Anton Valley, families and adrenaline junkies alike relish the unique experience of zipping from mountain peak to mountain peak. Special night tours amp up the adventure even more. All tours ensure safety remains the top priority, even while having outrageous fun.

An Adventure in Paradise: Why Panama is the Ideal Family Getaway - delectable Panamanian cuisine for the whole family

Beyond adrenaline adventures, Panama thrills families with its vibrant culinary scene reflecting delicious influences from around the world. Generations-old recipes fuse indigenous, African, and Spanish flavors into comforting dishes made from fresh regional ingredients. Best of all, Panamanian food offers options sure to satisfy every member of the family.
Start your day with huevos rancheros, a colorful twist on eggs featuring fried or scrambled eggs atop corn tortillas smothered in tomato salsa. This protein-packed breakfast provides fuel for a full day of sightseeing. Later on, grab empanadas stuffed with savory fillings like chicken, beef, or cheese for a quick, on-the-go lunch. These crispy pastries are sold everywhere from corner shops to roadside stands. And make sure to try juicy chunks of fresh pineapple, papaya, or guava - Panama produces some of the world's sweetest tropical fruit.

Come dinnertime, arroz con pollo never fails to please. Simmered in flavorful broth with vegetables and tender chicken, this iconic rice dish makes comfort food Panamanian style. Seafood lovers adore ceviche, raw fish or shrimp “cooked” in zesty lime juice and tossed with onion and cilantro. It's refreshingly light yet still hearty. Carnivores devour lomo en salsa, grilled steak smothered in garlicky onions for a real protein fix. Then balance out any meal with patacones, smashed and double fried plantains perfect for scooping up those last bites of flavorful sauce.
Throughout the day, cool off with fresh fruit juice or indulge in a chilled passionfruit batido shake. Locally grown coffee provides a satisfying jolt, while bocadillos snack cakes offer a sweet treat anytime. And you can’t visit Panama without cracking open an ice-cold can of Panama Cerveza, the crisp, refreshing national brew.

What really brings Panamanian cuisine to life is the tradition of gathering with others to dine, chat, and make lasting memories over delicious dishes. In Panama City, Mercado de Mariscos bustles with vendors dishing out heaping plates of seafood ceviche made before your eyes. At Restaurante Las Tinajas in Casco Viejo, families savor Panamanian cuisine on a charming open-air patio. And at roadside fondas across the country, plastic tables spill out onto sidewalks allowing locals and visitors alike to dig into hearty, homecooked meals together. Sharing laughter, stories, and good food creates an unforgettable experience of Panamanian culture.

An Adventure in Paradise: Why Panama is the Ideal Family Getaway - affordable accommodations to suit any budget

Finding the right place to stay plays a key role in any family vacation, and Panama presents accommodations options suitable for a wide range of budgets. From charming B&Bs to all-inclusive resorts, wallet-friendly lodging allows families to maximize their travel funds and enjoy everything this amazing country has to offer.
Hostels provide one economical option ideal for adventurous families and groups. At thePurple House in Casco Viejo, vibrant murals and a lush courtyard garden create a welcoming retreat in the heart of Panama City. Guests rave about the friendly staff and free amenities like pancake breakfasts, walking tours, yoga classes, and movie nights. Dorm-style rooms start around $15 per person, while private queen rooms go for $60-70. Out on the Caribbean coast, Selina Bocas del Toro immerses guests in laid-back island vibes with its beachfront location, hammocks swaying in the breeze, and fun activities like dance classes and volleyball. Nightly rates for a private room dip under $100.
Another affordable option comes in the form of locally owned B&Bs, or "hospedajes" in Spanish. These cozy, family-run establishments offer a taste of authentic Panama, often at a fraction of chain hotel prices. In the highland town of Boquete, Hibiscus Garden provides a peaceful rainforest retreat with just four guest rooms, a blooming garden, and views of the surrounding mountains. Savor complimentary breakfasts on the patio before setting out to explore the trails and waterfalls nearby. Nightly rates start around $65. Over in Puerto Viejo, Caribbean B&B charms with three cheerful rooms decorated in vibrant tones, all managed by the friendly owners living right downstairs. Guests especially appreciate the ability to get insider tips on exploring the best beaches and coves in this lesser-visited corner of Panama. Prices hover between $50-70 per night.
Of course, international hotel chains maintain a strong presence, particularly in Panama City. Families can often find sales bringing rates at trusted brands like Marriott, Hilton, and Holiday Inn down to $100-150 per night. Many outposts feature amenities like sparkling outdoor pools, kiddie clubs, and family-friendly dining options. Some hotels also offer roomy suites complete with kitchenettes, giving families extra space to spread out. Chain hotels around the canal or near attractions like BioMuseo put visitors right in the heart of the action.

All-inclusive resorts allow families to land amazing value bundling lodging, meals, and activities into one prepaid package. The Westin Playa Bonita entices with its huge lagoon-style pools, easy beach access, and kids club offering activities from scavenger hunts to dance parties. Nightly rates including food and drink start under $300 for two adults and two kids. In Bocas del Toro, resorts like Dolphin Bay Hideaway excel at arranging tours like snorkeling excursions and rainforest hikes, all while providing cozy cabins overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

An Adventure in Paradise: Why Panama is the Ideal Family Getaway - ease of travel with the US dollar and English widely spoken

Beyond stunning scenery and exotic culture, Panama entices families with the ease of navigating this foreign yet familiar destination. Thanks to widespread use of U.S. dollars and English, travelers can focus on creating memorable moments together rather than struggling with logistics.
One advantage Panama offers is dollar-denominated pricing on everything from hotel rooms to restaurant meals. Unlike other Latin American locales where converting currencies and guessing at exchange rates causes headaches, costs in Panama simply reflect the same U.S. dollars you already have in your wallet. No math required! Visitors rave about the simplicity of budgeting for souvenirs or tours without confusing conversions. Even better, dollars go significantly further in Panama, stretching travel funds even more.

Panama also provides a relief valve when it comes to language barriers. While Spanish remains the official language, English is widely spoken across the country, especially in tourist hubs. At hotels, visitors appreciate front desk staff and concierges readily assisting in fluent English. Tour guides expertly switch between languages to ensure all participants feel included. And in restaurants, menus often feature English descriptions while servers gracefully handle orders in both tongues.

That’s not to say brushing up on a few handy Spanish phrases isn’t a good idea. Locals certainly appreciate greetings and expressions of thanks in their own language. But the comfort of toggling to English provides immeasurable peace of mind for family travelers. Kids struggling to find the right words need not worry about holding the group back. Parents juggling logistics can get quick clarification rather than relying solely on their phrasebook Spanish. Multi-generational groups with older relatives feel more confident navigating unfamiliar settings. Indeed, the language flexibility opens Panama to a wider swath of travelers.
Don’t let worries over an language barrier deter you from visiting this incredible country. One Seattle dad who visited Panama City with his two teens recalls, “My mediocre high school Spanish was no match for giving directions to our driver, but switching to English always did the trick. The kids and I could focus on soaking up the sights instead of fumbling with dictionaries.”

A mom from Houston traveling solo with her active tween boys shares, “Ordering all our adventurous eats from street food stalls would’ve been impossible if not for the mix of English and Spanish. Vendors were so gracious explaining ingredients and making recommendations—every meal became a cultural exchange.”

Visitors entering more remote areas note the same linguistic versatility. A writer recounting his experience at an Emberá village remarks, “While fewer villagers spoke English themselves, our bilingual guide adeptly translated our questions and the chief’s insightful responses. This mutual understanding fostered a warm welcome.”

A college Spanish professor remarks, “Locals expressed such joy when I attempted their native tongue, then seamlessly switched to English if I got stuck. I never felt out of my depth.”

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