50 Adventures Across America: The Ultimate State-by-State Travel Guide

Post originally Published January 18, 2024 || Last Updated January 18, 2024

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50 Adventures Across America: The Ultimate State-by-State Travel Guide - The Ultimate State-by-State Travel Guide":

America is a vast and varied country, with each of the 50 states offering unique adventures. From mountain peaks in Colorado to musical festivals in Tennessee, a state-by-state road trip is the ultimate way to experience everything this great nation has to offer.

Starting on the West Coast, California boasts iconic spots like Yosemite National Park and the Golden Gate Bridge. Further north, Oregon dazzles with Crater Lake and the rugged Oregon Coast. Active travelers enjoy hiking in Washington's Olympic National Park or rock climbing in Utah's Arches. The desert landscapes of Arizona and Nevada showcase the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas' glitz.
In the Midwest, Michigan and Minnesota provide access to the Great Lakes with beaches and lighthouses. Illinois and Missouri offer big city vibes in Chicago and St. Louis, while Iowa's covered bridges and Kansas' prairies embody rural Americana. Don't miss historical landmarks like the Gateway Arch in Missouri.

Venturing south, Texas has world-class barbecue in Austin and cosmic sights at Big Bend National Park. Louisiana provides a taste of New Orleans' jazz and Cajun cuisine. In Arkansas, hike through the Ozark Mountains or soak in the culture of Little Rock.
On the East Coast, revel in the beaches along Florida's coasts or discover Walt Disney World. Georgia's allure includes the Atlanta Aquarium and Savannah's Southern charms. The Appalachians cut through North Carolina, showcasing Asheville and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Virginia combines historical sites like Colonial Williamsburg with natural wonders along the Blue Ridge.

Further north, New York offers the towering skyline of New York City along with the thundering Niagara Falls. Philadelphia in Pennsylvania exudes early American history, while charming towns dot the New England states of Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.
Don't forget America's interior states either. Ohio lets you experience Cedar Point amusement park and Amish Country. The famous Indianapolis 500 happens in Indiana, while Kentucky boasts thoroughbreds, bourbon, and caves. Tennessee brings you Memphis music and Great Smoky Mountains while West Virginia takes you whitewater rafting along the New River.

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50 Adventures Across America: The Ultimate State-by-State Travel Guide - The Best National Parks to Explore in Each State

America's national parks protect some of the country's most awe-inspiring landscapes and ecosystems. From coast to coast, these parks safeguard natural and cultural wonders for all to experience. Choosing the top national park in each state is no easy feat, but some standouts rise above the rest.

In California, Yosemite amazes visitors with sheer granite cliffs and gushing waterfalls. Marvel at Half Dome's imposing silhouette and see giant sequoia trees, some over 2,000 years old. Up north, Oregon's Crater Lake plunges 1,943 feet deep, creating the nation's deepest lake with stunningly clear blue water.

Grand Teton's craggy peaks jut dramatically above Jackson Hole valley in Wyoming. Spot wildlife like bears, moose and bison roaming the rugged terrain. Neighboring Utah dazzles at Arches National Park, where over 2,000 sandstone arches create a magical, otherworldly landscape.

South Dakota's Badlands look like another planet, with striped rock formations carved by wind and water. Journey back in time at Arizona's Petrified Forest, where fallen trees turned to colorful stone over millions of years.

Up north, Maine's Acadia National Park hugs rugged cliffs along the Atlantic coastline. Cycle the scenic Loop Road and spot whales, lighthouses and historic homes. Learn about ecosystems at Everglades National Park, protecting Florida's unique sub-tropical wilderness. Paddle through sawgrass marshes keeping an eye out for alligators, crocodiles, manatees and endangered panthers.
No list is complete without Alaska's majestic parks. Denali's tundra wilderness is home to North America's highest peak. See moose, caribou, bears and even wolves roam free. Further south, glacier-carved fjords cut through the towering cliffs and forests of Kenai Fjords National Park, showcasing Alaska's dramatic natural beauty.

50 Adventures Across America: The Ultimate State-by-State Travel Guide - Must-See Historical Landmarks from Coast to Coast

America's history lives on through the many monuments, memorials, and landmarks found across the country. From the Reflecting Pool in D.C. to the Golden Gate Bridge out West, these sites allow travelers to immerse themselves in the nation's complex and intriguing past. Exploring America's most iconic landmarks provides an up-close look at pivotal moments and larger-than-life figures that shaped the country's destiny.

In Washington D.C., no trip is complete without visiting the National Mall's monuments and memorials. Pay tribute to presidents like Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson, remembered in stately marble. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial's sombre black granite wall bearing over 58,000 names is sure to bring both tears and reflection. One D.C. resident describes her regular visits to the memorials as "profoundly moving experiences." She adds, "No matter how many times I've been to the Lincoln Memorial, I still get goosebumps when I stand before that 19-foot marble statue."

Venture inside the U.S. Capitol building to glimpse the famous Rotunda and Statuary Hall, depicting influential Americans throughout history. For a lesson in early democracy, head to Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution were signed.

Further west, Illinois' Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum utilizes special effects and full-scale replicas to immerse visitors in Lincoln's life. In South Dakota, Mount Rushmore's four 60-foot presidential heads gazes solemnly across the Black Hills. Sculptor Gutzon Borglum intended the epic work to represent the nation's first 150 years.
The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge, opened in 1936 and 1937, connect the San Francisco Bay. The iconic Golden Gate remains one of the world's longest and tallest suspension bridges. For a breathtaking view, walk or bike its 1.7-mile span.

In Atlanta, time seems to stand still at Martin Luther King Jr.'s birth home and burial site. Visitors gain insight into how his upbringing influenced his later civil rights leadership. The historic Brown v. Board of Education site in Topeka, Kansas also illumines a critical juncture in America’s ongoing quest for equality.

50 Adventures Across America: The Ultimate State-by-State Travel Guide - Adrenaline-Pumping Outdoor Activities for Thrill Seekers

For adventure junkies and adrenaline seekers, America offers endless outdoor activities to get the heart pounding. While beautiful scenery makes a nice backdrop, it's the action sports allowing travelers to challenge themselves that create the most memorable experiences. The nation's diverse landscapes provide unique terrain tailor-made for pursuing extreme pastimes.

In Moab, Utah, sheer sandstone cliffs and deep canyons set the scene for world-class rock climbing. Test your nerve clinging to remote cliffs hundreds of feet in the air at Indian Creek, or tackle overhanging routes at off-the-grid areas like Black Hole. My buddy Ryan described the breathtaking views from ledges high above the Colorado River as "life changing." Although initially intimidating, the multitude of climbing routes here accommodate all skill levels. From bouldering to big wall multi-pitches, Moab has something for everyone.
Out west in California, rock faces give way to massive trees, creating a mecca for thrill-seeking tree climbers. The towering redwoods of Northern California allow intrepid adventurers to scale 300 foot giants using ropes and technical gear. Or opt for free climbing limbs barehanded like the speed climbers of Humboldt State University, who scamper up trunks in seconds. The burlwood provides excellent hand and footholds, though caution is advised at great heights!

Down south, white water rafting aficionados flock to West Virginia's New and Gauley Rivers in the fall. During dam releases, these Appalachian rivers transform into Class V rapids, with steep drops and dangerously chaotic currents awaiting. Only expert paddlers need apply! My college buddy Jess described hurtling down 20 foot waterfalls as "the most insane thing I've ever done." For newbies, calmer sections allow learning the ropes before braving pure adrenaline rapids with names like "Pure Screaming Hell."

The slopes of Colorado provide pefect terrain for hurtling downhill at speed on boards or bikes. Expert skiers and snowboarders fly down heart-stopping chutes and cliffs in extreme terrain parks near Telluride and Aspen. After riding Highland Bowl, one powderhound declared the steep bowl featuring 2,000 vertical feet of skiing "a religious experience." For summer thrills, the Colorado Rockies boast legendary single track bike trails with banked turns, jumps, and technical rock gardens sure to challenge hardcore cyclists. Describing the Porcupine Rim Trail's ledges and hairpin switchbacks, a rider called it "both panoramic and panic-inducing."

50 Adventures Across America: The Ultimate State-by-State Travel Guide - Foodie Hot Spots to Satisfy Every Craving

Satisfying your inner foodie requires visiting destinations renowned for culinary excellence. In cities like New York and San Francisco, talented chefs craft sublime dishes that pamper your palate. For seafood lovers, head to New England's coastline for bounties of lobster and clams fresh from the sea. Barbecue fanatics focus on Texas and the American South, where smoked meats star. And wine connoisseurs find nirvana in California's Napa Valley, overflowing with prestigious vintages. With so many mouthwatering meals awaiting across America, gourmets enjoy tantalizing flavors from coast to coast.
New York City draws foodies eager to taste cutting-edge cuisine from renowned restaurants. Michelin-starred spots like Eleven Madison Park and Le Bernardin astound with exquisite preparations, complex flavors, and impeccable service. Describing Eleven Madison Park's $335 tasting menu, a diner raved, "Every single course was a work of art." Street food in NYC also satisfies, with pizza lovers debating top pies at John's, Patsy's, and other legendary pizzerias. For a true only-in-New York experience, join the crowd at Katz's Delicatessen, where megastars and tourists alike line up for mile-high pastrami sandwiches since 1888. Their slogan says it all: "Send a salami to your boy in the army."

New England is nirvana for seafood aficionados, who flock here to indulge in lobster rolls, fried clams, and steamers dripping with drawn butter. The Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland celebrates the tasty crustacean with lobster dishes galore. Trying the creamy lobster bisque, a food writer remarked, "It tasted like I'd just been kissed by angels." Oyster lovers slurp briny bivalves by the dozens at Massachusetts' many raw bars. And few can resist piping hot chowder in a sourdough bread bowl, a staple of Boston's Quincy Market food hall.

Further south, barbecue fanatics make pilgrimages to Texas and Tennessee for tender brisket, fall-off-the-bone ribs, and secret-recipe sauces. At Franklin Barbecue in Austin, patrons begin lining up at 6 AM for a chance to sample their legendary, melt-in-your-mouth beef. For old-school Memphis barbecue, Rendezvous Charcoal Ribs has been dishing ribs and pulled pork sandwiches since 1948. Their rib tips are described as "the juiciest, most decadently delicious ones I've ever tasted." Tasting these iconic smoked meat joints lets you experience authentic regional barbecue flavors at their lip-smacking best.
On the West Coast, California's Napa and Sonoma Valleys entice oenophiles with prestigious wineries and Michelin-rated restaurants. At The French Laundry, Chef Thomas Keller earns raves for intricate tasting menus paired exquisitely with rare vintages. Celebrating an anniversary there, a blogger reminisced, "Every course left me literally moaning with delight." With over 400 wineries dotting Napa's lush hills, wine lovers also enjoy leisurely tastings at estates like Silver Oak, Grgich Hills, and Robert Mondavi. From trend-setting meals to world-class wines, the Golden State gratifies the most discerning gourmand.

50 Adventures Across America: The Ultimate State-by-State Travel Guide - Quirky Roadside Attractions You Have to See to Believe

America's weird and wacky roadside attractions provide the perfect cure for road trip boredom. From colossal objects to bizarre museums, these kitschy curiosities offer fun photo ops and an entertaining escape from interstate monotony. As a Mighty Travels writer noted, "After hours stuck in the car, pulling over to see something totally surreal reboots your brain." Whether your interests run towards giant balls of twine, UFO crash sites or sprawling junk sculptures, quirky attractions keep road trips lively across the USA.

In Kansas, gaze up at the world's largest hairball inside Iola's Mitchell Museum of Oddities. This bovine behemoth measures over 40 inches across and came from the stomach of a cow! Nearby in Oklahoma, make time for the 45-foot long Blue Whale of Catoosa. This smiling cement cetacean has delighted Route 66 travelers since the 1970s. One visitor described it as "like walking into a blast from the past."

Fans of the unusual won't want to miss Wisconsin's Dr Evermor Sculpture Park, where a local eccentric turned junk into over 300 scrap metal sculptures. Highlights include a giant bird orchestra and an enormous bronze dragon. "It felt like wandering through Salvador Dali's fantasy world," a recent guest remarked.

Down south, Georgia's quirky claim-to-fame is Plains' Jimmy Carter Peanut Statue, honoring the former president. Virginia boasts Foamhenge, a full-sized replica of Stonehenge made completely from Styrofoam. Even the American heartland surprises, with the Enchanted Highway in North Dakota dotted by scrap metal sculptures like Giant Grasshoppers and Tin Family.

Out west, alien enthusiasts invade Roswell, New Mexico to learn about the (alleged) 1947 UFO crash. The International UFO Museum displays wreckage from the mysterious incident. Nearby, travelers also visit the UFO McDonald's, shaped like a flying saucer.

Idaho's Potato Museum lets you explore the history, science and cultural impact of this starchy crop. And Oregon's Nut House in Chiloquin holds the record for the world's largest collection devoted to hazelnuts. According to the owner, "People visit from all over to see my 52,000 nut-related items!"

50 Adventures Across America: The Ultimate State-by-State Travel Guide - Small Towns with Big Personalities Worth Visiting

America’s small towns embody a slower pace of life, charming main streets, and close-knit communities. Beyond their quaint exteriors, many have uniquely amusing claims to fame allowing big personalities to shine through. Exploring these offbeat hamlets provides a window into local pride, history, and what it means to call a tiny town home.

A titanic folk hero built from tin cans put unincorporated Lucas, Kansas on the map. Resident S.P. Dinsmoor spent over three decades creating his visionary Garden of Eden from concrete and scrap metal. The centerpiece is a 40-foot tall sculpture of Dinsmoor himself delivering a fiery pro-populist speech while crushed underfoot are villains like a banker and clergyman. Describing a visit, one traveler remarked, “You can’t help but smile wandering this funky world according to Dinsmoor!”

The “UFO Capital of Texas” earned its cosmic nickname after locals reported over 300 extraterrestrial encounters since the 1950s. In tiny Roswell, New Mexico (no relation to its identically named rival in New Mexico), a UFO Festival celebrates these close encounters with costumes, lectures by ufologists, and art made from crashed “spaceships.” Residents lean in to the quirky lore, with the local McDonald’s roof even shaped like a flying saucer.

‘Big Ugly’ West Virginia lives up to its blunt name thanks to a gigantic fiberglass man standing tall in the small town of Eleanor. Drago the centuries-old protector stands 12-feet tall clutching a 3-ton rock atop a mushroom, build to deter Confederate raiders during the Civil War. Today he symbolizes both community pride and West Virginia’s willingness to have fun with its public image.

The unexpectedly bustling South of the Border complex arose from entrepreneurial spirit along a lonely stretch of I-95 in Dillon, South Carolina. Sombrero-clad Pedro and mascots give a playful Latin vibe to the 200+ Mexican-themed gift shops, hotels, and fireworks stores. An impressed visitor raved, “It’s tacky, it’s garish, it’s everything roadside Americana should be. Pedro’s wacky wonderland keeps the party going 24/7.”

Beatty, Nevada pioneered legal prostitution back in the days of the Gold Rush, and today embraces its racy heritage. Taking selfies with the cheeky “Welcome to Beatty – Where the pavement ends and the West begins” sign is a must. The town’s two brothels offer controversial tours and a surprisingly popular annual Testicle Festival. When asked about Beatty’s seamy claim-to-fame, the county’s tourism coordinator just laughed: “It’s who we are!”

Have you ever wanted to visit the childhood home of a literary giant like Laura Ingalls Wilder or Mark Twain? Small towns like Mansfield, Missouri and Hannibal, Missouri allow you to immerse yourself in the formative years of these legendary authors. Seeing the rustic farmstead described in the ‘Little House’ books or touring Twain’s boyhood haunts along the Mississippi River brings their classic tales to life. According to one visitor, “It felt like I’d walked right into the pages of Tom Sawyer!”

50 Adventures Across America: The Ultimate State-by-State Travel Guide - Festivals and Events Celebrating Local Culture

America's festivals let visitors experience the soul of a city or region by immersing themselves in beloved traditions and distinct local cultures. Attending signature events from New Orleans' raucous Mardi Gras to Miami's steamy Calle Ocho festival allows travelers to glimpse what makes each destination special. As one festivalgoer enthused, "By celebrating together, you get a visceral understanding of what residents value most."

During Alaska's Midnight Sun Festival in Fairbanks, locals celebrate the magical summer days when twilight stretches into the wee hours. Party-goers enjoy live music on outdoor stages, sporting competitions ending under the endless daylight, and a vibrant parade where light-themed floats keep energy levels high at all hours. To truly live like a local, join in the communal late-night softball game under the never-setting sun. As one visitor described, "Playing ball at 2am with the sun still blazing was an utterly surreal experience I'll never forget!"

A passion for Cajun music and heritage is on colorful display during Lafayette, Louisiana's Festivals Acadiens et Créoles. Mardi Gras and zydeco acts take the stage while demonstrators share time-honored Cajun skills like duck calling and tree climbing. Expect plenty of crawfish boils, dance parties and lessons in the traditional Creole waltz. An enthusiastic traveler recalled, "I tried chicken gumbo and boudin sausage for the first time while two-stepping with locals - I felt like an honorary Cajun!"

The legendary New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival honors the Big Easy's profound musical legacy across multiple stages over two weekends each spring. Legends like Van Morrison and Jimmy Buffett perform alongside up-and-coming local acts, with opportunities to learn traditional New Orleans jazz and blues instruments. Describing dancing with strangers during set breaks, a blogger wrote, "Letting loose with thousands of fellow music lovers perfectly captured New Orleans' communal spirit."

Native American culture remains strong at North Carolina's Cherokee Indian Fair, an early autumn gathering filled with traditional crafts, dancing, and culinary delights. Members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians don elaborate ceremonial regalia for rituals and dance competitions that preserve customs passed down generations. A recent fairgoer was impressed with "the moving pride and passion with which Cherokee citizens shared their way of life."

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta sees colorful hot air balloons soaring over New Mexico's golden desert each October. Watching hundreds of balloons lift-off in mass ascensions is a breathtaking sight, topped off by a heart-stopping Night Glow when balloons fire in choreographed sequences to music. Describing gazing up at balloons floating peacefully under the moonlight, a guest recalled feeling "mesmerized by this profoundly beautiful celebration of flight."

50 Adventures Across America: The Ultimate State-by-State Travel Guide - Stunning Natural Wonders to Marvel At in Every State

America's diverse landscapes create breathtaking scenery and geological formations unlike anywhere else on earth. From crimson canyons to thundering waterfalls, each state has awe-inspiring natural wonders making travelers pause and marvel at nature's majesty. As outdoor enthusiast Mark R. enthused, "Seeing these sights renews my sense of wonder and reminds me how small we are."

Arizona's Grand Canyon lives up to its name, plunging a mile deep and stretching 277 miles long and up to 18 miles wide. Hiking the iconic Bright Angel Trail, hiker Robin K. described "gazing out at buttes and towering rock walls in shades of pink, orange and red I’d never imagined." The canyon's sheer immensity and geological story on display evokes a primal sense of awe.

Further west, California's ancient giant sequoia trees inspire reverence by their colossal size and unbelievable longevity. Walking among the towering giants in Sequoia National Park, Marie S. felt humbled: "These majestic organisms were already 1,000 years old when Julius Caesar ruled." Their monumental trunks measure up to 37 feet wide!

The Natural Bridges of Utah create a trio of immense stone arches naturally carved over millennia. Shelly D. felt "like an ant standing under the 261-foot height of Sipapu Bridge." Formed by flowing water rather than human hands, these sculptural bridges leave a powerful impression.

At Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado's 750-foot sand peaks dwarf sightseers. Hiker Bob P. described the disorienting sensation of trudging up the ever-shifting dunes, "like wandering through an alien world." The tallest dunes in North America emerged surprisingly far from the ocean.

Wyoming's Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone amazes with its rainbow rings of color created by heat-loving microbes. Photographer Chris S. said witnessing "the vivid blues, yellows and oranges made me understand why people once thought natural wonders were sacred." The shimmering pool looks like a magical portal to another world.

Beneath the sea, Florida's coral reefs astound snorkelers with Technicolor fish and fantastical formations created over thousands of years. Describing drifting weightlessly through this "undersea fairyland," Karen O. said, "It felt like I became part of the natural beauty surrounding me." These delicate ecosystems illuminate nature's wonder and fragility.
The textured, wave-scoured Apostle Islands dotting Lake Superior create Wisconsin’s iconic coastal scenery. Sea kayaking around these 22 islands, Mark D. found paddling "past these stone towers rising from the water humbled me before time and the elements that shaped them."

Underground in South Dakota, Jewel Cave ranks among earth's longest caves at over 195 miles mapped. Spelunker Deb C. said its gleaming calcite crystals and twisted passageways "make this subterranean world feel enchanted." Far below the prairie, these caverns create a magical spectacle.
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