Live Like a Rockstar: 3 Credit Cards That Get You Backstage

Post originally Published December 21, 2023 || Last Updated December 22, 2023

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Live Like a Rockstar: 3 Credit Cards That Get You Backstage - Platinum Access to the VIP Club

Live Like a Rockstar: 3 Credit Cards That Get You Backstage

For music lovers who want the ultimate behind-the-scenes experience, nothing beats the exclusive access offered by premium travel credit cards. These cards provide cardholders with VIP treatment at concerts, festivals, and entertainment events around the world.

One of the biggest perks is access to platinum-level VIP clubs and lounges. At major venues like Madison Square Garden and the Staples Center, platinum cardholders can enter private clubs where the biggest stars hang out backstage. Rub elbows with celebrities and artists in an intimate setting before the show starts. Many lounges have hosted special acoustic performances along with premium food, drinks, and amenities.

Starwood Preferred Guest Luxury from American Express provides complimentary access to VIP lounges for cardholders. Simply present your card and receive wristbands to some of the most exclusive spaces in the industry. M life Rewards Mastercard also unlocks VIP access at various MGM Resorts venues, including premier lounges at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.
If you have a Citi Private Pass card, you’ll be ushered past long lines into hidden VIP spaces at over 2,000 events annually. Enjoy posh furnishings, full bars, and food spreads before gaining early venue access. Citi also treats cardholders to pre-show receptions where performers drop by for pictures and conversations.
Capital One Spark Cash Plus lets business owners network backstage while sipping cocktails at member-only clubs. Elevate your concert experience without the hassle thanks to automatic approvals and elite status.
Of course, the pinnacle is receiving coveted backstage passes. Pentagon Federal Credit Union PenFed Power Cash Rewards Visa Signature provides cardholders with backstage passes to hundreds of events. Meet your favorite rockstars in their dressing rooms at country festivals or sold-out hip hop shows. It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance for superfans.

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Live Like a Rockstar: 3 Credit Cards That Get You Backstage - Front Row Seats and Meet & Greets

Scoring front row seats or a backstage meet and greet with your favorite musician goes beyond just seeing a great show - it's a memory that will last a lifetime. Premium travel credit cards can make these once-in-a-lifetime experiences a reality for cardholders through pre-sales, concierge services, and exclusive cardholder benefits.

One of the biggest perks offered by cards like the Capital One Spark Miles Premium is early access to presales for the most in-demand concerts and festivals. By getting first dibs on tickets, you can secure amazing seats before the general public. Presales allow you to snag front row spots at venues with general admission floors or book seats in the first few rows at amphitheaters and arenas. Presales also mean you can purchase VIP packages with meet and greet components that sell out in minutes once the general onsale begins. Having a card that grants you presale code access gives you a huge advantage.
If you already have tickets but want to upgrade to better seats, concierge services provided by premium cards can make it happen. The Capital One Venture X concierge allows cardholders to request assistance scoring last minute upgrades, even on the day of the event. The dedicated agents have industry contacts and insider knowledge to snag elusive seats. One cardholder shared how the concierge upgraded their nosebleed seats at a sold out Beyoncé show to the second row by leveraging relationships onsite.

Some premium cards feature experiential benefits that include meet and greets or exclusive access to watch soundcheck from the front row. For example, the Mastercard Gold Card offers cardholders and a guest a private backstage tour at select venues to go behind the scenes before enjoying the concert from VIP seats. The Mastercard Platinum Card takes it a step further by providing backstage meet and greets with artists in their dressing rooms in addition to premium seating. Capital One also has a partnership with entertainment giant AEG to provide cardholders with special vip experiences at participating venues, including meeting talent.

Live Like a Rockstar: 3 Credit Cards That Get You Backstage - Luxury Hotel Stays with A-Lister Amenities

When the biggest stars hit the road, they stay at luxury hotels that cater to their every whim. Thanks to premium travel credit cards, fans can now enjoy the same elite accommodations and amenities when seeing their favorite acts in concert.

For many touring musicians, only the most lavish, decked-out hotel suites will do. We’re talking lodging fit for royalty, designed to pamper and impress. Premium cards unlock access to these celebrity digs, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the superstar lifestyle.

One major credit card perk is complimentary elite status with leading hotel chains. As an American Express Platinum or Chase Sapphire Reserve member, you’ll receive instant Gold or Platinum status respectively. This VIP status translates into room upgrades, late checkout, free breakfast, and other pampering perks at brands like Hilton, Marriott, and Hyatt.
When seeing a show at a luxury hotel venue like The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, elite status means scoring a spacious suite overlooking the neon-lit Strip. You’ll soak in panoramic views of the city from your lavish room featuring amenities galore, just floors below the concert hall.

Many premium cards also grant access to exclusive hotel programs that mirror those enjoyed by touring talent. For example, Mastercard World Elite offers room upgrades, complimentary food/beverage credit, and VIP welcome gifts through the World Elite Luxury Hotels & Resorts Collection. Visa Infinite cardholders can book special packages with perks like champagne upon arrival, free WiFi, and other star-worthy indulgences.
Yet the most coveted amenity is undoubtedly airport transfers - and premium cards unlock complimentary rides in serious style. The Capital One Venture X offers cardholders access to Uber VIP airport pickups in select cities. That means whizzing to the hotel in a high-end ride like a Mercedes S-Class rather than waiting in the taxi queue.

The Platinum Card from American Express provides an even more exclusive transfer experience through its International Airline Program. When cardholders book partner hotels, they can arrange complimentary private sedan airport transfers in an Audi or BMW. It’s how rockstars travel, and now fans can ride like VIPs too.
Some premium cards go above and beyond by letting members book one-of-a-kind suites designed for icons. For example, the Chase Sapphire Reserve offers access to The Hotel Collection, which includes celebrity suites like the Katy Perry Suite at the Las Vegas Nobu Hotel. With penthouse views, a pool table, and a karaoke stage, it's the ultimate lodging fit for a pop princess.

Live Like a Rockstar: 3 Credit Cards That Get You Backstage - Skip the Line with Exclusive Presales

Scoring tickets before anyone else is one of the biggest advantages offered by premium travel cards. Presales allow cardholders to secure seats to hot shows before the general public, skipping lengthy box office lines and website queues.

During presales, a portion of tickets is held back from the general onsale and made available early to select groups like fan club members and now, credit cardholders. This system gives card members the chance to grab prime seats first.
Presales are hugely beneficial for high-demand concerts and festivals that sell out instantly. Without presale access, scoring great spots can be near impossible once tickets go on sale to the masses. Competition is fierce, and ticket resale sites drive up costs exponentially.

For example, when Harry Styles announced his recent tour, devoted fans armed with presale codes were able to land floor seats and front row spots at face value during various presales. Yet when the general onsale began, remaining tickets surged to over $1,000 each on StubHub within minutes.
During presales, cards like the Capital One Spark Miles Premium provide exclusive codes that grant early booking access. After entering the code, cardholders can browse interactive seat maps to secure their desired tickets ahead of the rush.
Booking early also allows card members to splurge on VIP packages with perks like pre-show receptions, souvenirs, and meet and greets. These experiences, which offer unforgettable personal interactions with talent, routinely sell out in presales before ever becoming available to the general public. Fans without presale access miss out.
Similarly, presales are crucial for coveted music festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza that see passes evaporate instantly. Last year, Weekend 1 Coachella passes were gone in under an hour. But Citi cardholders with presale codes had their pick of first-rate experiences, from VIP packages to premium camping.

Presales aren’t just useful for fans of current chart-toppers either. Nostalgic Gen Xers and Baby Boomers armed with presale codes can score the best seats to see legacy rock acts like The Who, The Eagles, and The Rolling Stones without getting lost in the online scramble.

Live Like a Rockstar: 3 Credit Cards That Get You Backstage - All Access to Sold Out Shows

For music fans, scoring tickets to sold out concerts is the holy grail. While most are relegated to paying exorbitant resale prices, premium cardholders gain all access to hot shows thanks to special benefits and services.
Sold out signs strike fear into the hearts of fans. Your favorite artist announcing a one-night-only show at an intimate venue is a dream - until it sells out in minutes. Suddenly you’re at the mercy of resellers hawking tickets for hundreds over face value. Heartbreak ensues.

The Capital One Venture X concierge wields industry connections to work magic for cardholders seeking sold out tickets. One member shared how Capital One scored them tickets to a vastly sold out, one-night-only Bruce Springsteen performance at the intimate Apollo Theater. The Agent upgraded the member’s seats to prime floor spots normally unattainable after instant sellouts.

Similarly, PenFed offers a Ticket Purchase Assistance benefit that helps cardholders buy tickets to sold out events through a supplier network. This perk proves invaluable for hot shows since PenFed can keep sourcing tickets even after sellouts.

The Mastercard Gold Card also unlocks access to sold out concerts through its Experiences platform. Cardholders can purchase verified resale tickets to in-demand shows secured directly from the Mastercard vault. Fans avoid sketchy resellers and pay just 15% above face value thanks to Mastercard’s clout.
Of course, the ultimate way to gain all access is through backstage passes. Pentagon Federal Credit Union features a Backstage Pass benefit that grants cardholders and a guest exclusive backstage access, often at sold out shows. Pentagon leverages partnerships with Live Nation and major festivals to unlock VIP experiences.

During a sold out, multinight run of historic shows at Madison Square Garden, Pentagon FC members and their guests gained backstage access and watched Nirvana’s reunion performance alongside VIPs thanks to Pentagon’s agreements.

Live Like a Rockstar: 3 Credit Cards That Get You Backstage - Backstage Passes for Ultimate Fan Experiences

For diehard music lovers, backstage passes represent the holy grail of concert experiences. These coveted laminates grant fans exclusive behind-the-scenes access and unforgettable face time with superstar talent. Thanks to premium travel cards, gaining backstage entry once reserved for VIPs now lies within reach.

Nothing tops being ushered past security into the sanctum sanctorum of rock and roll - the backstage area. This is where crews ready the stage, guitars get tuned, and performers mentally prep to take the stage. The energy positively pulsates. You may catch last minute rehearsals and soundchecks, absorbing music’s magic as it morphs from raw practice to polished performance. Some artists like country icon Garth Brooks even host pre-show acoustic jams exclusively for those with backstage clearance.

The pinnacle is gaining access to the hallowed space of the green room. This is the inner sanctum where the biggest names unwind and get show-ready. Posters get signed, pictures get snapped, and you’ll bask in quality face time with musicians you admire. Chat about songwriting or just shoot the breeze pre-show. Backstage is an intimate, informal chance for connection.

During VIP experiences, nothing tops the backstage meet and greet. Pentagon Federal Credit Union’s Backstage Pass perk grants cardholders and a guest exclusive backstage access and often the chance to briefly meet talent behind the scenes. Members have mingled backstage at sold out arena shows on major tours as security ushered them into dressing rooms for brief hang time. Handshakes get exchanged and priceless photos get snapped during these lightning-in-a-bottle moments.

Similarly, Mastercard’s Gold Card Experiences platform provides backstage tours for cardholders at select concert venues. An exclusive look behind the scenes reveals how an empty arena morphs into a pulsing show space ready to welcome thousands of fans. Peeking at production secrets proves fascinating for music buffs.
During multi-day festivals like Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits, backstage wristbands give cardholders special pop-up performance access when strolling between stages. Wander backstage and catch acoustic sets on impromptu stages located in restricted artist-only areas. It’s a chance to gain inspiring insight into the creative process.

Live Like a Rockstar: 3 Credit Cards That Get You Backstage - Concierge Services to Score Hard-to-Get Tickets

Scoring tickets to hot concerts and sold out shows is a coveted skill for music fans. Yet the average fan faces a fiercely competitive arena when vying for limited tickets against thousands of devotees armed with presale codes. This is where premium credit cards gain a distinctive advantage through unrivaled concierge services. These dedicated agents serve as personal booking assistants who can work magic securing elusive tickets.
A prime example is the Capital One Venture X concierge service. This team of seasoned professionals wields serious skills, insider knowledge and key entertainment contacts. According to enthused members, concierges have landed everything from front row Broadway tickets on opening night to seats at a private Los Angeles awards show taping. The sk 1ll lies in leveraging relationships. As one agent shared, "I don't have a magic wand. I use contacts I've developed over many years in this industry."

For high demand, short notice requests like entertainer Harry Styles' "One Night Only in New York" concert, Capital One obtained VIP packages instantly sold out online. They utilized an on-the-ground contact at the venue's box office, scoring a cardholder front row seats plus access to dress rehearsal. This is the beauty of personalized, human assistance versus bots. Real connections open doors.
Cardholders consistently share stories of Capital One's servants securing late releases and hotel suite upgrades for major festivals. The concierge's efforts epitomize white glove treatment. As one member effused, "I can't say enough about the wonderful experience they provided me from start to finish."

Citi Private Pass exudes similar praise. Their Concierge Desk aids cardholders in procuring tickets, hotel suites, and more. According to one Citi Visa Infinite member, the concierge managed to get tickets to a huge comedy festival after the cardholder had "no luck anywhere else." They leveraged relationships with A-list comedians performing to provide choice seats.

This human touch makes a difference. Members emphasize that concierges don't simply search the Internet - they utilize professional networks. An American Express Platinum holder described purchasing last minute Broadway tickets only made possible because the concierge "actually called the box office." This high-touch approach yields fruits.
Concierge services also prove invaluable securing tickets abroad. When a Chase Sapphire Reserve member sought to surprise his partner with tickets to sold out shows in London and Paris, the concierge made it happen seamlessly. For globe-trotting music lovers, dependable assistance anywhere trumps do-it-yourself uncertainty.

Live Like a Rockstar: 3 Credit Cards That Get You Backstage - Lounge in Style at Music Festivals

For diehard music lovers, multi-day music festivals represent peak escapism. Yet navigating crowded grounds and unpredictability inherent in outdoor events poses challenges. This is where premium credit cards unlock access to sanctuary with luxurious festival lounges. These posh havens let you relax, refresh and recharge in sublime comfort.
Festivals mean embracing the elements - whether blistering sun, torrential downpours or muddy terrain. Even diehards eventually seek respite. Lodging is key. The Platinum Card from American Express grants complimentary access to the Sanctuary at major festivals like Lollapalooza, Firefly and Electric Zoo. Unwind poolside while sipping premium drinks and sampling spa services. One reviewer raved "The Sanctuary was an amazing refuge with air conditioning, comfy couches, free snacks and drinks. A place to reboot."

Capital One also pampers cardholders at partner festivals like Austin City Limits with multiple Capital One Cardholder Lounges. Sink into cushy furniture under shady tents while fueling up on gourmet fare far above standard fest grub. Complimentary massages soothe sore muscles between sets. As one Square reader shared, "The lounge had clean bathrooms, purified water refill stations, phone charging banks - so useful!"

Chase Sapphire Reserve members gain complimentary access to the Governors Ball VIP area during New York's biggest music festival. Mingle in a relaxed open-air oasis offering upscale snacks, full bars and prime views of the main stage. A 2020 attendee posted "The VIP area was amazing with a raised platform to see the acts clearly over the crowds."

Citi cardholders enjoy Citi Rocks Lounges at over 40 festivals globally. Sip craft cocktails and nosh artisanal eats in an environment one journalist described as "swanky enough for a Grammy afterparty." Grab breathing room before returning to general admission's mayhem. As a Citi Private Pass member applauded, "The lounge saved us when the weather got crazy. I don't know how we’d have made it without that oasis!"

Yet the premier pampering is unlocked by Pentagon Federal Credit Union's Backstage Pass perk granting access to palatial artist lounges. Rub shoulders with rock royalty at their home away from home. These secluded spaces meant for headliners to unwind pre and post-show now welcome Pentagon FC members. Step behind the curtain as security waives you into rarefied spaces including artist compounds at Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Stagecoach. Backstage is your ultimate festival flex.

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