Gifts on the Go: 23 Travel Essentials for the Wanderlust in Your Life

Post originally Published December 8, 2023 || Last Updated December 8, 2023

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Gifts on the Go: 23 Travel Essentials for the Wanderlust in Your Life - Stay Charged On The Road

Gifts on the Go: 23 Travel Essentials for the Wanderlust in Your Life

One of the most frustrating things when traveling can be keeping your devices charged. Whether it's your phone, tablet, camera, or laptop, running out of battery when you're on the go can really put a damper on your adventures. Having the right gear to keep your electronics powered up is key for any traveler.

A high-capacity portable battery pack is a must-have for staying charged on the road. Look for one that's at least 20,000 mAh to give you multiple full charges for a phone or tablet. Anker and RAVPower make excellent affordable options. A battery pack with both USB-C and USB-A ports gives you flexibility to charge all kinds of devices.

Consider getting a dual-port wall charger that lets you charge two devices at once from a single outlet. This comes in handy in hotel rooms or airports where outlet access may be limited. Aukey and Anker make great slim dual-port chargers that won't take up much room in your bag.
For keeping laptops charged, a portable laptop charger is extremely useful. These are essentially big external batteries designed specifically for powering laptops. They can add 6+ hours of extra runtime for a laptop on a single charge. Jackery, Omnicharge, and MaxOak make popular models.
If you'll have access to a car, be sure to get a USB car charger. You can charge phones and other USB devices directly from your car's 12V outlet. Anker's PowerDrive series offers compact yet powerful car chargers. Adding an extra USB port or two can be useful for charging multiple devices at once.
To avoid fighting for outlets, bring a small power strip on trips where you'll be staying in hotels. Look for one with a short cord and small form factor, like the Anker PowerPort Cube. This lets you turn one outlet into three or four.

For international trips, having a universal travel adapter is essential for plugging in electronics abroad. Adapters from brands like Skross allow you to convert plugs to work in over 150 countries. Some have built-in USB ports so you can directly charge USB devices.
For longer trips, consider packing spare batteries for your devices. Having an extra camera battery or two can ensure you don't miss photo opportunities if one dies. External battery cases can double the life of your smartphone.
Advanced travelers can look into compact solar chargers like those made by Anker. These can slowly charge USB devices using just power from the sun. They're ideal for camping trips, festivals, or any situation without reliable power. Just note that very small panels may only give you a partial charge in optimal sunlight.

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Gifts on the Go: 23 Travel Essentials for the Wanderlust in Your Life - Pack Light With Versatile Clothing

The art of packing light is essential for any dedicated wanderer. Carrying a heavy suitcase stuffed with clothing you rarely wear just weighs you down - both physically and mentally. The solution? Build your travel wardrobe around versatile, lightweight pieces that offer endless mixing and matching potential.

Savvy minimalist packers abide by the "less is more" mentality. As inspirational travel writer and blogger Alex Reynolds notes, limiting yourself to a thoughtful capsule wardrobe frees you up to fully immerse in your surroundings. "I find joy in the lightness of my backpack, which enables me to spontaneously hop on bikes, trains, and tuk-tuks to explore the neighborhoods where I'm staying," Reynolds writes.
Sticking to a cohesive color palette is key for pulling off a capsule wardrobe. Black, white, gray and denim tend to be perfect neutral base colors. Earth tones like olive green, rust orange and camel also pair well and hide stains. As designer and fashion consultant Daisy Snowden suggests, "Build upon neutrals with just 2-3 bright statement colors like red, yellow or teal that you can mix-and-match for pops of color."

Travel and fashion blogger Dalene Heck emphasizes choosing fabrics like merino wool, micro modal, and technical synthetics that resist wrinkling and dry quickly in case sink laundry is your only option. Stretchy fabrics add versatility and comfort for long transit days.
When it comes to tops, lightweight merino wool crewneck sweaters offer durability for the road while still looking sharp for a night out. A cozy yet breathable merino cardigan provides extra warmth and can smarten up T-shirts and tanks. For hot climates, breathable, odor-resistant tank tops and short sleeve tees make excellent base layers.
As for bottoms, a great pair of dark wash jeans dresses up or down effortlessly. Light to mid-weight chinos can pull double duty as dress pants or casual wear. Leggings, joggers, shorts and skirts offer further options. Scarlett Vixen, a solo female travel blogger, raves about the versatility of sarong-wrap skirts: "Not only are they comfy and flattering, they can be styled at least 5 different ways - from beach cover-up to skirt or dress!"

Minimalist packing master Caroline Hirons swears by multi-functional clothing and accessories. Some of her go-to items include a silky scarf that can be worn 12 different ways, a jacket that converts to a vest, and a wrap dress that can be worn forwards, backwards, and even upside down for four unique looks.

Gifts on the Go: 23 Travel Essentials for the Wanderlust in Your Life - Document Your Journey With Photography Gear

Gifts on the Go: 23 Travel Essentials for the Wanderlust in Your Life

Capturing striking photos is one of the great joys of travel. When done right, photography allows you to vividly document your adventures, transporting you right back to the sights, scenes and emotions experienced on your journey. Investing in some key photography gear can help any wanderluster take their travel photos to the next level.
While many rely on their trusty smartphone camera, dedicated photography equipment offers immense advantages. Interchangeable lens cameras provide unmatched versatility to capture stunning landscapes, crisp architecture, vibrant food shots and lively street scenes. A DSLR or mirrorless camera body paired with a few prime lenses gives fantastic image quality in a portable package.

The Sony A6000 series and Fujifilm X-T30 are excellent mid-range options, while the full-frame Nikon Z6 II or Canon EOS R6 take things to the next level for professionals. A 35mm or 50mm prime lens lets you shoot sharp portraits even at night, while a wide angle like 16mm or 20mm captures sprawling cityscapes and natural vistas. A mid-range zoom around 24-70mm covers everything in between.

Don't forget accessories to enhance your shots. A mini travel tripod like the Gorillapod allows long exposures and stable night shooting. Remote shutter releases help avoid blurry shots - wireless ones like Canon's BR-E1 let you trigger the camera from your phone. A powerful external flash brings studio quality lighting to fill shadows outdoors.

Lightweight extras like clip-on macro lenses and telephoto zoom lenses can completely transform what your camera captures too. And a weather-sealed bag like Peak Design's Everyday Backpack keeps all your gear protected on the go.
For many trips, advanced smartphone photography kits offer DSLR-quality results in an ultra-portable package. The Moment or Shiftcam systems include dedicated lenses, gimbals and external lighting to push your phone shots into the professional realm. An add-on wide angle, telephoto, macro or anamorphic lens opens new creative possibilities.
The DJI OM 5 smartphone gimbal lets you shoot impossibly smooth handheld video, timelapses and motion hyperlapses that wow. And for vlogging, the RODE Wireless GO II microphone delivers crystal clear studio-grade audio. A compact Gorillapod tripod, clip-on LED light and wireless remote shutter release complete the pro phone photography setup.

No matter if shooting with a smartphone or dedicated camera, photo editing apps like Lightroom Mobile and Snapseed allow you to process RAW images and finesse edits on the go. Photo organizing apps help you curate your best shots and create shareable albums to relive the highlights.

Gifts on the Go: 23 Travel Essentials for the Wanderlust in Your Life - Sleep Soundly Anywhere

Gifts on the Go: 23 Travel Essentials for the Wanderlust in Your Life

Getting adequate rest is crucial for enjoyable and productive travels. However, unfamiliar beds in hotels, hostels, and planes often disrupt sleep cycles. Investing in a few key items can help you sleep soundly no matter where your wanderlust takes you.

Experienced globetrotter and sleep doctor Michael Breus emphasizes that eye masks, earplugs, and pillows engineered for travel help you create an optimal sleep environment. “A sleep mask blocks out unwanted light while a comfortable neck pillow provides ergonomic sleep support. And earplugs or noise cancelling headphones drowned out disruptive sounds,” Breus advises road warriors.
To upgrade questionable hotel bedding, travel blogger Oneika Raymond recommends packing your own memory foam pillow. “Having a cushy, supportive pillow makes even the hardest hotel beds far more comfortable,” she reveals. Silk pillowcases help hair and skin stay smooth and snag-free.

Frequent flyer and interior designer Jonathan Savage swears by high-quality compression socks on long flights: "The gentle pressure improves circulation to reduce swelling and restlessness when trying to sleep upright in economy seats." An eye mask, neck pillow and noise cancelling headphones further aid in-flight shut-eye.

Trying new insomnia cures while traveling is not wise according to veteran nomad Rachel Jones: "Stick to your usual pre-sleep routine as much as possible. I find chamomile tea, journal writing, and lavender essential oil on my pillow are small comforts from home that really help me wind down and relax into sleep in a new place." Light therapy glasses that block blue light from phones and laptops also work wonders, Jones adds.
For those who share rooms at hostels or Airbnbs, sound maker machines are a godsend. Digital options from brands like HoMedics provide white noise or natural sounds that mask disruptive ambient noises and conversations.

And to counter jet lag, adhering to the daylight patterns in your new time zone boosts sleep quality at night according to researchers. Outdoor morning light exposure upon arrival tells your brain it's time to be awake. Melatonin supplements help reset your internal clock to the local time when taken properly.

Gifts on the Go: 23 Travel Essentials for the Wanderlust in Your Life - Keep Valuables Safe While Traveling

Keeping your valuables secure is paramount when globetrotting. Lost passports, stolen cameras, and pickpocketed wallets can instantly derail an adventure abroad. However, with prudent precautions, savvy travelers can thwart thieves and protect prized possessions while voyaging worldwide.

Frequent flier Max Yates insists, "I never check bags with valuables like electronics, jewelry or important documents. Keep them in your carry-on!" He recommends TSA-friendly locks for checked luggage to deter tampering. Neck pouches and hidden money belts keep cash, cards and passports concealed under clothing. And backed-up digital copies of IDs provide critical redundancy if originals are compromised.
Seasoned backpacker Cassie Hill always packs a Pacsafe portable safe for securing larger items. "I can lock my camera, extra cash or transit pass inside whenever I'm on the move." She notes that many hostels provide individual lockers for storage as well. Hill also suggests leaving non-essentials at home to begin with. "I don't take my most expensive jewelry or watches traveling in the first place."

Tech-savvy road warrior Evan Nichols safeguards devices by enabling tracking apps like Find My Phone. "I can remotely lock or wipe my phone or laptop if stolen," Nichol explains. He ensures important data lives in the cloud rather than locally on devices for the same reason. Phone leashes attach your phone to your person for added security in crowded areas prone to pickpocketing.
Veteran nomad Rachel Jones relies on hidden money belts and subtle under-clothing pouches to foil pickpockets. "I always keep my passport, credit cards, and emergency cash split up in a few different concealed spots on my body, never all together in one wallet or purse." She suggests clothing with zippered pockets or built-in concealment features for further peace of mind.
For securing valuables in hotel rooms, travel safety expert Leon Ackerman "runs a thin piece of dental floss through a low opening in the door frame and the bolt plate, fastening valuables inside. A broken string signals someone got in." He also videotapes the room to document possessions and ensure nothing goes mysteriously "missing" during housekeeping.

And invest in gear designed for the rigors of travel, advises photographer Jay Miller. "My camera and lenses have robust weather sealing for protection from dust, sand and humidity." He notes that moisture-absorbing silica packs keep belongings dry inside luggage as well. For electronics, Miller always packs surge protectors to guard against power fluctuations abroad. And he recommends hard-shell suitcases over soft versions for maximum protection.

Gifts on the Go: 23 Travel Essentials for the Wanderlust in Your Life - Entertain Yourself During Layovers

Layovers are an inevitable part of air travel, but that doesn’t mean you have to be bored stiff while waiting for your next flight. With the right mix of entertainment essentials, you can turn dreary hours in transit into delightful opportunities for fun. As an avid travel hacker, having go-to sources of amusement during layovers keeps me from going stir-crazy.
My number one layover survival essential is a Kindle Paperwhite. Its weeks-long battery life means one charge powers me through multiple flights, and an enormous digital library ensures I always have engrossing new books to dive into. I can easily download titles with the Kindle app while I have Wi-Fi in the airport or onboard planes. The Paperwhite’s glare-free e-ink screen looks just like print on paper—perfect for reading even in bright airport terminals.

My Bose QuietComfort 45 noise-cancelling headphones are another layover lifesaver. They completely silence the cacophony of gate announcements, chatter and crying babies. I can then relax with podcasts, my favorite playlists or soothing ambient sounds. The 40+ hour battery lasts through the longest layover marathon. Stretching out across seats to relax is way more enjoyable without disruptive noise.
When I need to be productive on layovers, my iPad Pro has me covered. Its generous 12.9” screen and long battery life are ideal for catching up on work. The cellular connection keeps me online anywhere, and the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil transform it into a powerful mobile office. Apps like Evernote and Microsoft Office let me work from anywhere there’s an empty gate seat.
Gaming consoles also help layovers fly by. My Nintendo Switch Lite packs hours of fun into a compact 6.2” handheld. Around four hours of battery life lets me battle through levels or landscapes on long sit-and-wait sessions. For longer stints, I pack a 20,000mAh Anker PowerCore battery that provides extra juice to keep playing. Engrossing RPGs like Skyrim and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild make me forget I’m stuck in an airport.

I always have a pack of playing cards on hand too. A few rounds of solitaire passes time nicely, and I can often join other passengers for games like Rummy or Spades while we wait at the gate. The cards slip into a pocket or bag so I have entertainment options anywhere.

Gifts on the Go: 23 Travel Essentials for the Wanderlust in Your Life - Stay Healthy And Hydrated

Staying healthy and hydrated is absolutely vital for enjoyable travels, but it can be tricky to stick to healthy habits when you’re out exploring new destinations. As a veteran wanderluster, I’ve learned some key strategies for maintaining wellness on the road from frequent travelers who prioritize self-care amidst adventure.

Seasoned long-haul pilot Patrick Landers swears by compression socks and staying hydrated to withstand the toll of lengthy flights. "Compression socks boost circulation on long transoceanic routes where you're seated for 14+ hours. This minimizes swollen feet and deep vein thrombosis risk. And I drink a lot of water instead of alcohol - air cabin humidity is only 5-10%, so you lose more moisture than you realize at altitude."

Frequent solo traveler Aisha Sultan takes probiotics and multivitamins daily to keep her immune system strong hopping between hostels. "When you're backpacking long-term, it's easy to neglect nutrition. Probiotics replenish healthy gut flora, while a multi fills any vitamin gaps from questionable road food. I haven't gotten sick once!" She also loads up on vitamin C, zinc and elderberry supplements at the first sign of a cold.
Yoga teacher Georgina Jones stretches thoroughly in airport terminals and on planes to undo the side effects of cramped coach seats. "Even just standing up straight and elongating your spine for a few breaths does wonders. I love twists that crack my back and reverse the hunching effect of tiny plane seats. Forward folds release my tight hamstrings after hours without moving. And downward dog is great for getting blood flowing to reduce leg swelling and DVT risk."

Personal trainer Mark Lopez suggests bodyweight exercises during layovers or on cruise ship decks. "Short bursts of air squats, push-ups and walking lunges get your circulation pumping and muscles moving after long periods of stillness. It leaves you energized for exploring your destination." Travel sized resistance bands add extra fitness options in a pinch.

Registered dietitian Carrie Myers avoids unhealthy eating on the road by packing nutritious snacks. "Nuts, protein bars, oatmeal packets and nut butters supply energy and keep me full between meals. Having healthy options on hand prevents me from indulging in junk just because it's convenient. And I always order a veggie-filled salad or soup alongside richer local specialties - balancing foods keeps your gut happy." Myers also takes breaks from caffeine and alcohol to let her body reset.

Gifts on the Go: 23 Travel Essentials for the Wanderlust in Your Life - Give The Gift Of Luxury Comfort

For the seasoned wanderer who prioritizes comfort amid adventure, gifts that deliver luxury and indulgence on the road will be welcomed with open arms. After all, journeying to captivating destinations and experiencing new cultures is bound to be far more enjoyable when you're ensconced in opulent amenities and sublime relaxation.

The Trtl Travel Pillow has become an essential item for luxury travelers seeking optimal neck support and pillowy softness during in-flight shut-eye. Its unique internal support structure cradles your neck just right while the plush fleece exterior feels divine against the skin. The Trtl slips easily into any bag and allows you to nod off in sublime comfort no matter how cramped the coach seats.

To keep luxury lovers looking sharp on arrival, a pristine garment steamer like the Pursteam is a godsend for wrinkled clothing after being crammed in luggage and plane seats. A few passes of the steamer's powerful vapor output over shirts, dresses and pants refreshes fabrics and restores a freshly pressed appearance. No more schlumping around destinations looking unkempt.

Every indulgent voyager knows that cozy socks are key to in-flight rejuvenation. Treat them to the insanely soft Fortnite Crew Sloth socks for the ultimate foot pampering experience at 30,000 feet. Available on Amazon for under $10, these cushy crew socks envelop your feet in plush breathability. Say goodbye to sore feet, swollen ankles and freezing toes in the high altitude chill.
The Parachute Classic Bathrobe envelops you in the luxury of a 5-star spa no matter where your travels take you. Made from long-staple Turkish cotton, it feels feather soft against the skin while providing cozy warmth as you lounge or prepare for an evening out. The Classic Bathrobe packs down small so you can have your own personal spa robe anywhere.

Nothing revitalizes road-weary skin like a relaxing sheet mask treatment. The Saje Rest rejuvenating mask contains potent botanicals like rosehip oil, calendula and chamomile that deliver intense hydration and nourishment. Just lie back and enjoy a spa-like experience from the comfort of your hotel room. Those 20 minutes of self-care leave skin glowing and spirits renewed.
Keep luxury lovers powered up in style with a chic portable charger like the Kate Spade New York Power Bank. Beyond just functionally charging phones and tablets on the go, this charger's stylish crosshatched exterior and elegant gold bow bring designer flair to your tech accessories. The 10,000 mAh capacity provides up to two full phone charges.

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