Globetrotter Gift Guide: 50 Must-Have Travel Gifts for 2023

Post originally Published November 15, 2023 || Last Updated November 15, 2023

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Globetrotter Gift Guide: Must-Have Travel Gifts for 2023 - The Latest Luggage - Stylish Suitcases to Jet Set In Style

Globetrotter Gift Guide: 50 Must-Have Travel Gifts for 2023

The right luggage can make all the difference when you're globetrotting. After all, your suitcase is your faithful companion on every journey, following you from trains to planes to automobiles across oceans and continents. With so many options on the market, choosing luggage that is both stylish and functional can be tricky. You want a bag that will hold everything you need while still looking sleek, all without weighing you down.

When it comes to stylish suitcases perfect for jet-setting, look no further than brands like Away and Monos. Both offer sleek, minimalist designs available in a rainbow of colors from millennial pink to cobalt blue. Their suitcases are made from durable polycarbonate shells that will protect your belongings while still staying lightweight. Interior compression systems and TSA-approved locks keep all your items secure and organized. Options like a removable battery to charge your devices and 360-degree spinner wheels make hauling your luggage through terminals and cobblestone streets easy and breezy. While functional, these suitcases are still chic enough to turn heads as they glide through the airport.
For travelers who want luggage that makes more of a statement, look to brands like Rimowa and Tumi. Their suitcases feature luxe materials like aircraft-grade aluminum, carbon fiber, and premium leathers paired with bold colors and patterns. While those materials come at a premium price point, they’re built to last a lifetime of journeys. For a modern yet timeless look, stick to their signature monochromatic color-blocked designs. Or for something eye-catching, choose limited edition cases featuring striking hues or collaborations with artists and designers. Just be prepared for fellow travelers to stop and compliment your one-of-a-kind bag.
Vintage luggage is also having a major moment, letting you travel through time and space in retro style. Brands like Arlo Skye are launching modern updates of classic suitcase shapes like hat boxes and steamer trunks. Or browse sites like Chairish and Etsy to find authentic vintage gems. Kitschy 70s prints or leather and canvas steamer trunks evoke bygone eras of exploration and adventure. Best of all, they’re one-of-a-kind designs that will spark joy and curiosity everywhere you roam.

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Globetrotter Gift Guide: Must-Have Travel Gifts for 2023 - Gadgets Galore - Tech To Enhance Your Travels

Packing the perfect gadgets can take your travels from standard to sublime. The right tech lets you stay connected, productive, informed, entertained and comfortable wherever you roam. We’ve rounded up the top travel tech of 2023 to elevate every expedition.
With more airlines offering onboard WiFi, staying connected while cruising at 30,000 feet is easier than ever. But slow speeds, spotty connections and pricey day passes still make inflight internet frustrating. Enter the Skyroam Solis X, a global 4G LTE hotspot, SIM card and Wifi router that taps into mobile networks around the world to deliver fast, reliable connections anywhere. Stuck in a long customs line? Skyroam’s got you. Exploring winding alleys and remote beaches? Share those Insta-worthy sights in real time. At $159 plus daily, weekly or monthly data packages, it’s an affordable way to stream, surf, and share nonstop.
Music makes travel more fun. But wireless earbuds struggle to hold a charge on long flights and noise-cancelling headphones are too bulky. JBL’s Endurance Peak II earbuds give you the best of both worlds with active noise cancellation, a 30 hour battery life and a comfortable, secure fit. Their sweat and waterproof design can even handle your beach yoga flow or rainy city strolls. At $99, they deliver impressive features without the premium price tag.

Stay on top of your itinerary and avoid getting lost with tech like Apple's AirTags or Tile trackers. Just toss one in your suitcase, backpack or coat pocket. Then use your phone to ping your belongings if they go astray. New direct-finding features even provide step by step directions to locate lost luggage left at the gate or a passport dropped under your hotel bed. At $29 for a single AirTag or $70 for a 4-pack of Tiles, slipping one in your stuff provides inexpensive peace of mind.
Portable chargers allow you to explore all day without worrying about your battery dying at an inopportune time. Options like Anker’s PowerCore Slim 10000 PD provide an ultra-slim and lightweight built-in charger for phones and tablets. Its 10,000mAh battery can fully charge an iPhone three times and high-speed Power Delivery USB-C port means your devices recharge quickly. Best of all, it fits easily in your pocket or purse. For $32, it's an essential on-the-go power supply.

Globetrotter Gift Guide: Must-Have Travel Gifts for 2023 - Luxe Loungewear - Comfy Clothes for Long Haul Flights

Globetrotter Gift Guide: 50 Must-Have Travel Gifts for 2023

Nothing can ruin a long haul flight faster than uncomfortable clothes.restricted movement. But you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort when globetrotting. The right lounge-worthy leisurewear keeps you cozy at cruising altitude without looking sloppy. After all, you never know who you’ll sit next to in business class.

Brands like Everlane, Cuyana, and Kotn prove that comfy doesn’t mean frumpy. Their lines of lounge pants, jumpsuits, and wrap dresses combine soft fabrics like French terry and Turkish cotton with tailored silhouettes. Neutral hues and luxe details like silk ribbons and tie waists offer understated elegance. Mix and match their offerings to create a stylish travel capsule that layers well. The stretchy fabrics and elastic waistbands guarantee everything stays put even after a snooze or mid-flight yoga session. Yet the pieces still transition seamlessly from plane to lounge to street.
For long hauls, prioritize fabrics with natural temperature regulation. Merino wool naturally resists odor while regulating your body temp, making it perfect for marathon flights. Naadam’s washable merino sweaters and joggers have a polished finish that disguises their casual comfort. Brands like Western Rise also blend merino with technical fabrics like nylon and spandex for added stretch and durability. The result is sweatpants disguised as trousers that you can truly live in.

Don't forget the cozy extras that take inflight relaxation to the next level. A lightweight cashmere travel wrap, like those from White + Warren fits neatly atop airline blankets for extra warmth. Meanwhile a sleep mask from brands like MZOO or Nodpod blocks out light for uninterrupted rest. Roll up an ultra-plush travel pillow from Trtl or J-Pillow for ergonomic neck support. And slip on a pair of compression socks from brands like Physix Gear Sport to boost circulation on long stints.

Upgrade your typical t-shirt and sweats flywear with luxe loungewear designed specifically for comfort in transit. British brand Odysseus designs its cashmere knits and Turkish cotton separates solely for a new class of globetrotters who want to travel in style. Its Hoodie Robe generated a waitlist combining the comfort of a hoodie with the polished look of a lightweight robe. Made from fine French terry, it staves off chills and works as well for an early morning coffee run as a 14 hour haul. Meanwhile its matching lounge pants feature an adjustable tie waist and ankle zips for a custom fit.

Globetrotter Gift Guide: Must-Have Travel Gifts for 2023 - Wanderlust Reads - Books To Feed Your Wanderlust

Reading is one of life's greatest pleasures, but diving into a transportive book before or during a trip takes it to another level entirely. The right travel tome preps your mindset for impending adventures, enhances experiences unfolding around you, and preserves memories long after a journey ends. Whether you're plotting an epic excursion or escaping for a quick weekend getaway, wanderlust reads deliver inspiring stories to feed your appetite for globetrotting.

Travel anthologies like The Best American Travel Writing compile dispatches from both luminaries and emerging voices. The 2021 edition highlighted timely tales spanning protests in Portland, Oregon to pursuing an elusive jaguar through the Bolivian wilderness. Excerpts capture the wonder, adrenaline, and insight that only travel can deliver. Other anthologies like The Lonely Planet Travel Anthology dive into the Lonely Planet archives. It curates 45 years of their best literary escapism into one epic tome guaranteed to spark serious FOMO.

Transportive memoirs like Cheryl Strayed's Wild recount life-changing journeys of self-discovery against gorgeous backdrops. This account of her 1,100 mile solo hike along the Pacific Coast Trail highlights the restorative power of traveling alone through awe-inspiring nature. Others like Alain de Botton's The Art of Travel ruminate on globetrotting's deeper meanings. De Botton contemplates how the philosophical insights gleaned through travel can profoundly shape our perspectives back home.

If tantalizing destinations are calling, scenic coffee table books showcase their allure. Taschen produces gorgeous tributes to global hot spots like Palm Springs, Paris, and Marrakech loaded with vivid photography and insider knowledge. Assouline's chic monographs on subjects like the Amalfi Coast and Mexican design deliver equal parts wanderlust and sophistication. Their oversized pages pop on side tables, transporting you there until you can experience these havens firsthand.

Globetrotter Gift Guide: Must-Have Travel Gifts for 2023 - Packing Essentials - Tools To Organize Your Gear

The right packing tools keep your belongings organized and easily accessible, whether you’re globetrotting with just a carry-on or checking multiple bags. Clever organizers streamline packing, save space, and reduce wrinkling. Meanwhile, quality luggage accessories add protection and convenience. We’ve tested and curated the top packing tools to elevate your gear game.
Compression packing cubes maximize your suitcase real estate while neatly compartmentalizing items. Brands like Eagle Creek and Shacke Pak offer sets of cubes in varying sizes tailored to everything from undergarments to sweaters. Their rectangular shapes stack efficiently with minimal gaps while zippered exteriors keep contents in place. Lightweight fabrics like nylon and mesh add minimal bulk. Some even have external expansion zippers, giving you flexibility if packing cubes on.

Meanwhile, collapsible organizers from MUJI fold completely flat when not in use. But they unfurl into instant compartments for toiletries, tech accessories, underwear and more. Available in mesh, ripstop nylon and ultralight silicone, they conform to the shape of your luggage. Silicone options can even stretch up to 150% their size to accommodate extra items. Prices start at just $3 for basic pouches.
Patagonia’s lightweight Black Hole cubes take organization a step further by simplifying laundering on extended trips. Each cube can separate outfits or be dedicated to a single clothing category. Remove the soiled cube and toss it straight in the wash, keeping the rest of the contents pristine. At $49 for a set of four, it’s a small price for added convenience.

Protect your clothes and gear from spills and moisture during transit with water-resistant and stain-repellent liners or reusable absorbent pillows. Brands like Tropic feel line slim padded liners that cushion delicate items while locking out leaks. Wooly makes reusable pillows filled with extra-absorbent Merino wool that contain spills if bottles open. They’re machine washable and can be tumbled dry for reuse trip after trip.

Hard shell suitcases endure more abuse when gate checked or tossed under buses. But constant friction ruins their finishes. Luggage protectors like those from Trunkster fitted over cases deflect scuffs, scratches, and spills during transit. They come in carry-on or checked sizes and pack down small when not needed.

Once you’ve loaded the perfect products to organize your gear, secure your suitcase shut with TSA-approved locks. Combination options like TravelMore cables allow agents to inspect bags and relock them after screening. Padlocks from Wordlock use word dials making it easy to set a custom combination. Or upgrade to smart locks like Away’s Bluetooth-enabled options. They tighten at a tap of the app and notify you if TSA opens your bag.

Globetrotter Gift Guide: Must-Have Travel Gifts for 2023 - Global Gourmet - Foodie Finds From Around The World

Bringing a taste of far-flung destinations back home provides a delicious way to reminisce about past journeys and daydream about future adventures. The global gourmet finds below transport your palate, letting you savor scintillating spices, artisanal specialties and exotic ingredients from renowned foodie hotspots around the world. They also make memorable edible gifts for fellow wanderlusters. After all, the fastest way to the heart is through the stomach.

For complex curries that capture India's incredible range of flavors, look no further than spices from Emami's Mughlai line. Their signature Garam Masala packs the aromatic punch of cinnamon, cloves, coriander and cumin in one jar. Sprinkle on everything from roast chicken to popcorn. Meanwhile, a jar of their Rogan Josh Curry Paste lets you whip up restaurant-worthy lamb korma at home with just the addition of meat and yogurt. The spice blend's depth comes from a lengthy process of oven-roasting ingredients, distilling their essence.
Bring some Italian dolce vita to dessert with treats from Guido Gobino. This century-old chocolatier crafts their signature Gianduja (a decadent hazelnut chocolate spread) in the same Turin factory since 1867 using founder Gianduja’s original recipe. Their artisanal bars spotlight prized Piemonte hazelnuts and single-origin cocoa from South America. Or try their super-limited edition Panettone, a light and fluffy Milanese Christmas bread packed with chocolate and candied fruit. It delivers a taste of Italian holiday cheer.

For an authentic taste of Japan, look no further than gourmet KitKats exclusively crafted for the Japanese market. Their ever-changing lineup captures the country’s ingenuity and obsession with the unexpected. Hunt down quirky limited editions like chili pepper, purple sweet potato or matcha tiramisu flavors. Tokyo Banana KitKats recreate the iconic banana-shaped sponge cakes in wafers. And the sake kit kat infuses white chocolate wafers with smooth sake powder that melts on your tongue. They showcase the Japanese knack for innovation that makes their take on the classic candy bar anything but ordinary.

Bring the flavors of France home with luxe Fauchon products perfected in Paris over the past 130 years. Their jams spotlight France’s harvest bounty, like fig or cherry preserves made from ripe in-season fruit. Boxed sets of their flaky tea biscuits recreate a Parisian tea time. While their world-renowned packaged pâtisserie like éclairs and madeleines will have you channeling your inner Proust with just one bite. Each decadent French delicacy arrives perfectly gift-boxed.

Globetrotter Gift Guide: Must-Have Travel Gifts for 2023 - Jet Set Beauty - Pampering Products For On-The-Go

Luxury beauty doesn’t have to get left behind when you’re on the go. With the right tools, you can pamper yourself at home or recreate a spa-like experience wherever your travels take you. We’ve discovered indulgent products that transform even a cramped airplane lavatory or bare bones hotel room into a sublime sanctuary.

Start by recreating a restorative at-home facial with gadgets that bring the spa to you. Net-a-Porter’s coveted LAC Lumière device uses LED light therapy to rejuvenate dull complexions. Its patented technology energizes skin cells’ mitochondria to boost radiance and glow. Regular 15-minute treatments increase circulation and oxygenation, reducing inflammation and easing tension headaches. TSA-friendly and USB rechargeable, it works wonders during a red eye or mid-flight.

MZ Skin’s rose quartz rollers feel like an indulgent massage as you glide the super-cool stone over skin. The gentle pressure drains puffiness from under eyes while increasing blood flow. It instantly de-puffs after salty in-flight meals. Pack it in your carry-on to roll out jet lag. A quick roll before applying makeup helps serums absorb better too.

Recover from dry cabin air with mists that rehydrate skin anywhere. Caudalie's Beauty Elixir doubles as hydrating toner and invigorating spritz, formulated with extracts like rosemary, mint and orange blossom. Its instant refreshment keeps you looking alive on long hauls. Or pick up Evian’s natural mineral water spray. The soothing mist delivers a vapor boost alongside skin-healthy minerals.
Don't forget indulgent body care. Lather up with Aesop’s citrus-scented body cleanser then lock in moisture with its hydrating balm body bar. Infused with cocoa and shea butters, it glides over skin, leaving behind velvety softness without residue. The non-liquid forms meet TSA requirements.

Add klei’s Under Eye Masks to carry-ons for an instant pick-me-up on flights. The hydrogel patches cool and depuff via botanical extracts like green tea and ginkgo biloba. Pop them on during in-flight skincare routines or mid-flight catnaps to awake refreshed.

Oribe's Travel Size Gold Lust dry shampoo instantly revives hair between trips to the hotel spa. The ultra-fine powder absorbs oil and odor without leaving behind chalky residue. And a travel-ready Mason Pearson paddle brush like those from Lexington Avenue’s Mini Detangler glides through tangles caused by restless shut-eye on redeyes without yanking.

Globetrotter Gift Guide: Must-Have Travel Gifts for 2023 - Exploration Aids - Maps, Guides and Gear for New Destinations

Venturing somewhere new comes with the thrill of discovery. But nothing takes the shine off faster than getting lost, missing must-see sights or fumbling local customs. That’s where curated exploration aids come in handy, serving as your guide across unfamiliar terrain. We’ve road-tested the best maps, books and gear to keep you on track, optimized and oriented wherever wanderlust leads you.
I never travel without my trusty portable WiFi device. After getting burned by dodgy connections, astronomical roaming fees and offline GPS one too many times, I invested in Skyroam. This global 4G LTE hotspot taps into mobile networks around the world, providing fast, unlimited connectivity everywhere I roam. I can pull up Google Maps to navigate twisting Medinas, WhatsApp home that I arrived safely or research dining spots on the fly. The battery lasts all day and recharges via USB. While it’s pricier upfront, just one avoided roaming bill paid for itself. Now I never risk going offline.

Fellow explorers rave about the Google Translate mobile app for spontaneous communication. With over 100 languages, I can decipher menus, chat with new friends and navigate key interactions. Split-screen mode lets me speak into the mic and it voices the translation aloud. Downloading the offline neural networks for frequent destinations like Spanish and French lets it work without an internet connection. Voyagers call it a game-changer for ordering, directions and cultural immersion.

I like to brush up on my destination’s customs, history and cultural nuances with guides from brands like Monocle, Wallpaper* and Lonely Planet. These in-depth but concise tomes distill each locale’s highlights, hidden gems and know-before-you-go advice, curated by savvy local contributors. If you only buy one book, make it LP’s epic 1,400 page travel bible. It’s equally at home inspiring armchair dreamers or on-the-ground exploring thanks to rich color photos, maps and illustrated features.

Heading somewhere off the beaten track? Nat Geo’s Adventure Travel Map series zones in on active hot spots like New Zealand, Norway and the Swiss Alps at an ultra-detailed scale. Beyond roads, trails fill each laminated topo map, highlighting mountain bike paths, canyoneering routes and overnight hiking tracks. Custom cartography, elevation profiles and insider tips optimize your extreme escapades. They’re 100% waterproof and rip-resistant, ideal for rugged pursuits.
Don't head into the wilderness unprepared! I always pack loyal Eagle Creek gear like their versatile Pack-It Specter compression cubes and sac cubes. Their silnylon material compresses contents to save space while reducing wrinkling. The modular cubes keep my gear organized and quick to access. Lubricant from Gear Aid keeps stubborn zippers sliding smoothly after years of wear. And Scrubba’s pocket-sized portable washer gets sweaty hiking clothes refreshingly clean, drying overnight using handy travel clothesline by Lewis N. Clark. With the right equipment, I’m ready to immerse myself fully and comfortably in the wild.

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