The Venture X Card: A Road Warrior’s New Best Friend

Post originally Published November 8, 2023 || Last Updated November 9, 2023

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The Venture X Card: A Road Warrior's New Best Friend - Earn Miles on Every Purchase

The Venture X Card: A Road Warrior’s New Best Friend

One of the best features of the Venture X is that it allows you to earn 2X miles on every single purchase, with no limits on categories. This makes it easy to rack up a ton of Capital One miles for your everyday spending. Whether it's groceries, gas, dining out, or any other expense, those small charges will quickly add up and translate to big rewards.

This unlimited 2X earning sets the Venture X apart from many other travel rewards cards, which tend to offer bonus rates on just certain categories like airfare and hotels. With the Venture X, everything you buy helps you get closer to that next dream vacation. No need to worry about strategizing your spending or remembering to use a different card for groceries versus restaurants. It's 2X all day, every day.
Road warriors will especially appreciate earning miles for those frequent fill ups at highway gas stations. Likewise, families can watch their kid-related expenses like pediatrician co-pays and diaper purchases turn into flights to Disneyland.

Even a quick breakfast sandwich and coffee on the go will score you a few extra miles when purchased with the Venture X. Let your morning Starbucks run contribute to a relaxing beach getaway. Your daily habits don't have to change, but your earning potential increases exponentially.
As Brian C., a long time road warrior puts it, "I used to fumble with different credit cards depending on the merchant type. Now I just use my Venture X no matter where I'm shopping because I know I'll always get 2X Capital One miles back. Over the course of a year, those little charges really add up. I'm taking my whole family to Hawaii later this year just on miles earned from my daily expenses."

Other Venture X cardholders report similar experiences. Jen L. says "As a busy mom of three, I love that I can pick up the usual groceries, clothes for the kids, gas and everything else with my Venture X. Before I know it, I've earned enough rewards for an all-inclusive resort stay just from my routine shopping. The 2X unlimited earning makes family vacations easy."

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The Venture X Card: A Road Warrior's New Best Friend - Redeem Miles for Any Travel Purchase

One of the most valuable perks of the Capital One Venture X is the ability to redeem your earned miles towards any travel purchase. This sets it apart from many other travel rewards cards that restrict redemptions to just airfare and hotels booked through their portal. With the Venture X, you have maximum flexibility.
You can redeem your Capital One miles at a rate of 1 cent per mile towards any travel expense - flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, packages, tours, rail passes, and more. As long as it codes as travel, you can use your miles towards it, no blackout dates. This takes so much stress out of the redemption process.

Gone are the days of sweating over award availability or having to book exactly 12 months out to ensure you can use your hard-earned rewards. Now you simply book the flight, hotel or full trip you want, and then wipe out part or all of the charge with your Capital One miles. The process is seamless whether you’re booking directly with a provider or through an online booking site.
Jenny S. raved about this flexible redemption, saying “I used Venture X miles to cover my family’s flights to Hawaii that I booked through the airline, and then redeemed more towards an Airbnb stay. Being able to erase those charges instead of dealing with award charts and limited award space was a game-changer."

Road warriors also appreciate this option. Mark R., a management consultant, travels frequently for work. He shared “I'm often booking last minute trips for client needs. It's nice to know I can redeem Venture X miles for those expensive last minute fares instead of being locked into what might be available as an award ticket.”

Even splurges can be wiped out with Venture X miles, as Jen B. discovered when she redeemed miles for an ultra luxurious trip. “I had always wanted to visit the Maldives and stay in an overwater bungalow. The Venture X made this dream a reality by allowing me to redeem miles towards my expensive resort stay."

The fixed 1 cent per mile redemption rate also simplifies the process. No more decoding award charts or calculating different rates for flights versus hotels. You always get 1 cent back towards travel when erasing a purchase with Venture X miles. This predictability takes the stress out of strategizing redemptions.

The Venture X Card: A Road Warrior's New Best Friend - $300 Annual Travel Credit

The Venture X Card: A Road Warrior’s New Best Friend

One of the most valuable benefits of the Capital One Venture X is the up to $300 annual travel statement credit. This perk essentially reimburses you for $300 in travel purchases charged to the card each year, bringing your annual fee down to just $95. Qualifying travel purchases include flights, hotels, home rentals, car rentals, rail passes, ride shares, parking, and more.

The annual travel credit is applied automatically as statement credits throughout the year as you make eligible travel purchases. There's no need to call in or enroll. Capital One will reimburse your account for the first $300 in combined travel spending each 12-month period.

For road warriors who frequently rack up ride share, taxi and parking charges in the course of business travel, this benefit can add up quickly. Likewise, families taking a couple vacations each year will easily surpass the $300 threshold through their airline and hotel expenses alone. Even occasional travelers can take advantage by making sure to charge all travel to the Venture X.
Jen S., an avid skier, shares "Between a couple weekend trips to mountain resorts each winter and my annual ski vacation out West, it's easy to use the entire $300 travel credit. It takes a big chunk out of my annual fee which is great."

The annual travel credit also incentivizes cardholders to put more routine expenses on the Venture X. Mark H., a small business owner, says "I switched my commuting costs over to the Venture X since ride shares and parking garage fees qualify. That's around $100 a month that helps me earn miles while also bringing me closer to the $300 travel credit."

Even cardholders who don't travel extensively can benefit from the annual travel credit. Brian C. explains "My wife and I only take one big vacation a year but we easily spend over $300 on the airline tickets and hotel. The Venture X reimburses that so it makes the card fee feel negligible."

Importantly, the annual travel credit resets each 12-month period when your annual fee posts. It does not expire at the end of the calendar year, so you don't have to rush to use it. As long as you charge $300 in combined travel to the card within 12 months of your annual fee posting, you'll receive the full $300 credit.

This benefit alone can more than offset the Venture X's $395 annual fee, especially for frequent travelers. When combined with the unlimited 2X miles earning on every purchase, flexible redemptions, airport lounge access, Global Entry/TSA PreCheck credit, premium rental car perks and more, the Venture X pays for itself many times over.

The Venture X Card: A Road Warrior's New Best Friend - Airport Lounge Access

One of the most valuable benefits for frequent travelers is airport lounge access, allowing you to escape the hectic terminals and relax in a more refined atmosphere. The Venture X grants cardholders access to Capital One's own lounges and Priority Pass Select lounges worldwide. This gives road warriors an oasis on the go, with complimentary food and drinks, comfortable seating, fast WiFi, and more.
Jeff S., a management consultant, shares: "As someone who logs hundreds of thousands of miles a year, the Venture X lounge access is a total game-changer. Being able to duck into a lounge makes my time in airports infinitely more enjoyable. I can grab a craft beer or nice glass of wine, get some work done on the speedy WiFi, and recharge my devices on all those long layovers. It makes travel feel like less of a grind."

Families also benefit tremendously from lounge access when traveling with kids. Mark and Laura P. always visit a lounge when flying with their two young children. Laura says, "The lounges are such a nice break from the terminal chaos. The kids can burn off some energy in a more open space and we can get them fed with lounge snacks before the flight. It makes the airport experience so much smoother."

Even occasional travelers find value in the Venture X lounge benefit. Brian C. likes being able to start off special trips in style. He explains, "When my wife and I are headed somewhere like Hawaii, it's fun to kick things off in one of the airport lounges. We'll toast our vacation with a glass of bubbly. It gets us in the spirit of the trip."

Cardholders have reported being impressed by the quality of Capital One's proprietary lounges. Sarah K., who frequents the Capital One lounge in Dallas, raves: "The Capital One lounges feel polished and posh. I love being welcomed with a glass of wine and checking out the chic ambiance. They have Everything from healthy breakfasts to afternoon tapas. It elevates the whole airport experience."

In addition to Capital One's own lounges, Venture X cardholders have access to more than 1,300 Priority Pass lounges worldwide. This includes major hub airports like London Heathrow, Hong Kong International, Frankfurt, Amsterdam Schiphol, Sydney Kingsford Smith and more.

Jeff S. appreciates the global footprint of Priority Pass, sharing: "Whether I'm passing through London, Frankfurt or Hong Kong, it's easy to find a Priority Pass lounge in just about any major international connecting airport. They may not be quite as fancy as Capital One's lounges but they still provide a welcoming space to refresh and recharge."

The Venture X Card: A Road Warrior's New Best Friend - Global Entry/TSA PreCheck Credit

The Venture X Card: A Road Warrior’s New Best Friend

One underrated but tremendously valuable perk of the Venture X is up to $100 in statement credits towards Global Entry or TSA PreCheck enrollment. This benefit reimburses the $100 application fee for Global Entry, which comes bundled with TSA PreCheck. Even if you only sign up for PreCheck at $85, you'll receive that amount back in statement credits.

Global Entry and TSA PreCheck help expedite airport security, allowing you to breeze through customs and skip long checkpoint lines. Once approved, your membership is valid for five years so the upfront fee gets spread out over time. Road warriors who log substantial miles year after year will find themselves continuously benefitting from the accelerated security process.

Jeff S. frequently travels internationally for work. He shares: "Thanks to Global Entry, I sail through customs on return trips to the U.S. without waiting in huge lines. I just scan my fingerprints at the kiosk, pick up my bag, and head right for the exit. It makes international travel so much smoother."

Families with restless young kids also appreciate the time savings. Mark P. says: "Being able to use the TSA PreCheck lane cuts our airport security time in half since the kids don't have to take off shoes or pull out laptops. That convenience is clutch when you've got two impatient toddlers in tow."

Even occasional travelers can take advantage of the accelerated security lanes. Brian C. flies just a few times a year but still uses his PreCheck membership regularly, saying: "The Venture X basically paid for PreCheck through the statement credit. Even though I only fly a few times annually, it's nice breezing through the shorter PreCheck lines versus the crowded regular lanes."

Cardholders love having Global Entry or PreCheck fees reimbursed by the Venture X. Sarah K, raves: "I was due to renew my Global Entry membership when I got the Venture X. The timing was perfect because the card basically paid for my renewal. Easy $100 in value for a benefit I use on every trip."

Beyond expedited security, Global Entry also includes access to TSA PreCheck lanes so you get the best of both programs. Plus Global Entry lets you bypass customs lines when entering the U.S. from abroad.

Jeff S. has put his membership to good use, sharing: "I've easily gotten my money's worth from Global Entry through the years. It makes international arrivals and TSA security so much quicker. The Venture X credit made it a no-brainer to renew another 5 years."

The Venture X Card: A Road Warrior's New Best Friend - No Foreign Transaction Fees

One of the most irritating and costly fees associated with travel rewards credit cards is foreign transaction fees. Many cards tack on a 3% fee for any purchases processed outside the United States. This can really add up if you frequently travel abroad or make foreign transactions. The Venture X avoids this headache by waiving foreign transaction fees. You won't incur any additional charges when using the card overseas.
Jeff S. frequently visits Europe and Asia for work. He shares: "Foreign transaction fees used to eat into my rewards earnings in a big way. A 3% fee on hotels, meals, and incidentals really diminished the value I was getting back. With the Venture X, I don't lose any of my 2X miles to foreign fees."

Families traveling overseas also appreciate dodging this surcharge. Mark and Laura P. try to take their kids on an international vacation every other year. Laura explains: "We save for a long time to be able to afford these big trips. It's frustrating when extra fees chip away at our budget. The Venture X has been great for avoiding foreign transaction costs so more of our money goes towards the actual travel experience."

Even occasional jet setters benefit. Sarah K. doesn't travel abroad yearly but still wants fee-free spending when she does. "I used my Venture X on a girlfriend getaway to Italy last fall. It was nice knowing I'd earn 2X miles on my purchases without worrying about foreign fees cutting into my rewards."

Road warriors love racking up miles abroad without extra charges. Brian C., a software consultant, travels frequently to India for work. "My expenses like hotels and meals are covered by my company, but I have to book and pay upfront then get reimbursed. I put these on my Venture X to earn miles without incurring foreign fees. That 3% can really add up over the course of a year."

Jet setters also use the Venture X for foreign transactions back home. Mark H. explains: "We live in a border town and often pop over to Mexico for dinner and shopping. There are fantastic restaurants just across the border. We used to get hit with foreign transaction fees just for dining locally. The Venture X has stopped that and allowed us to enjoy our neighborhood without unnecessary costs."

The Venture X Card: A Road Warrior's New Best Friend - Premium Travel Perks

The Venture X Card: A Road Warrior’s New Best Friend

One of the most overlooked benefits of the Venture X is the collection of premium rental car perks that make business travel and family vacations smoother. Cardholders receive complimentary elite status with Avis, National, and Silvercar rental agencies. This unlocks upgrades, preferred pricing, and other exclusive amenities.
Jeff S. frequently rents cars for client visits, sharing: "The Venture X elite status gets me upgrades whenever available - often to a premium SUV or sports car. As a tall guy, I appreciate the extra legroom and trunk space on long work trips. Instead of cramped econoboxes, it's nice riding in style."

Families also benefit from premium rentals. Mark P. explains: "With two kids and lots of gear, midsize sedans were always too tight. Now we get bumped up to minivans or full-size SUVs at no extra cost thanks to the Venture X perks. The extra cabin space makes road trips way more comfortable."

Even leisure travelers take advantage of rental upgrades. Sarah K. always opts for an SUV with extra cargo room for weekend getaways, saying: "I road trip a lot on quick gateway trips. The Venture X elite status means I usually score a loaded Explorer or Grand Cherokee instead of the compact car I booked. Having more space for luggage and friends makes weekend adventures more fun."

In addition to complimentary elite status, Venture X cardholders can access members-only rental counters with expedited service at select airports. Jeff S. loves having his own VIP lane, explaining: "After a long flight, it's a relief skipping the busy rental counter lines and walking right up to the dedicated Venture X service area. I'm in and out with keys in hand in mere minutes."

Cardholders also appreciate the secondary rental coverage which acts as supplemental insurance when renting for business and personal use. Mark H., a small business owner, says: "Renting cars regularly for client meetings used to make me nervous about liability. Now the Venture X provides an extra layer of coverage. I have peace of mind in case anything happens."

For families like the Ps, rental coverage provides security on the road. Laura explains: "With two rambunctious boys, we've had a few minor bumps and scratches on rental cars over the years. The supplemental coverage through the Venture X gave us backup protection without having to rely solely on the primary insurance."

Even occasional renters benefit from Venture X rental perks. Brian C. doesn't rent often but still values the elite benefits, sharing: "On a trip to Hawaii, National upgraded me to a Mercedes C-Class convertible which made tooling around the island way more fun. The Venture X status goes a long way even for someone who only rents every now and then."

For road warriors logging substantial miles annually, the combination of rental rewards - from upgrades and expedited service to supplemental coverage - adds remarkable value. Jeff S. estimates he's saved over $2,000 in rental costs over the years, not to mention hundreds of hours saved with expedited airport service.

The Venture X Card: A Road Warrior's New Best Friend - Lucrative Welcome Bonus

One of the most enticing perks of the Venture X is the lucrative welcome bonus. New cardholders can earn 75,000 bonus miles after spending $4,000 on purchases within the first 3 months. Since Capital One miles can be redeemed at a fixed rate of 1 cent per mile towards any travel purchase, this bonus is worth a minimum of $750 in erased travel expenses.

However, new cardholders may be targeted for an even higher 100,000 mile welcome bonus after meeting minimum spend requirements. This elevates the signup bonus value to $1,000 or more in travel redemptions. Jeff S., a frequent business traveler, explains: "I was thrilled to be offered the 100k bonus when applying for my Venture X. That allowed me to immediately wipe out $1,000 in upcoming flights."

The signup bonus alone may cover a huge chunk of your next vacation. Mark P. shares: "Between two roundtrip tickets to Europe and a few hotel nights, I used my Venture X bonus to book nearly our whole family trip. It stretched my vacation budget so much further starting out with $750 to erase charges."

Even those with targeted lower offers find tremendous value. Sarah K. continues: "I 'only' received the standard 75k welcome miles but still used them to cover my upcoming hotel stays in Aruba. It made this beach vacation possible by radically reducing my upfront costs."

The Venture X signup bonus holds so much more upside compared to other cards. Brian C. notes: "Many travel cards top out bonuses at 50,000 or 60,000 points.Receiving 75,000 Capital One miles was a huge jump in value - like getting an extra $250-300."

Meeting minimum spend is manageable even for non-road warriors thanks to the Venture X's broad 2X categories. Mark H. shares: "Putting my regular expenses on the Venture X helped me quickly hit the bonus threshold. Groceries, gas, dining out - it all earned bonus miles towards that lucrative 100k welcome offer."

New applicants should consider applying at a local Capital One branch if available. Laura P. explains: "I applied in-person at my local Capital One. The banker proactively offered me the 100k welcome bonus right off the bat."

Branch applicants may also receive an additional welcome perk like first-year fee waiver. Jeff S. says: "I applied at a Capital One Cafe and got approved instantly for the 100k bonus. The banker also waived my annual fee for the first year which was an unexpected surprise."

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