Chasing the Sun: Capturing Dubrovnik’s Radiant Golden Hour

Post originally Published November 13, 2023 || Last Updated November 13, 2023

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Chasing the Sun: Capturing Dubrovnik's Radiant Golden Hour - Scouting the Perfect Vantage Point

Finding the perfect vantage point is absolutely essential for capturing mesmerizing photos during Dubrovnik's golden hour. This magical time just before sunset bathes the pearl of the Adriatic in a warm, golden glow, but only from certain angles. As a travel photographer, I live for moments like these. The interplay of light and shadows creates a fairytale scene that simply must be photographed.

When scouting for vantage points in Dubrovnik, I start on the city walls. This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers fabulous views over terracotta rooftops and out to sea. Sections near the Minceta Tower ad by the Dominican Monastery are especially prized during golden hour. As the sun dips lower in the sky, its rays illuminate the ancient stone walls in a burnished light. But you have to find just the right spot along these massive fortifications to frame the perfect shot. Don't be afraid to walk the entire 2 km length several times to find your light.
For photos of people bathed in golden light, I head down to the port and Old Town. The luxe yachts docked at the harbor glow, backlit by the setting sun. And the main square, Stradun, becomes infused with a magical quality. Photograph violinists busking in the square or capture candids of people strolling hand-in-hand along the shimmering cobbles.

You can also get fabulous golden hour cityscapes from high vantage points like Mount Srđ. A cable car whisks you right to the top of this towering limestone massif. From the fortresses up here, all of Dubrovnik gleams below, exuding an almost ethereal radiance. The islands offshore glimmer as well in the warm light. Just be sure to arrive early to claim your spot. This popular lookout fills up fast during golden hour.

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Chasing the Sun: Capturing Dubrovnik's Radiant Golden Hour - Timing Is Everything

Chasing the Sun: Capturing Dubrovnik’s Radiant Golden Hour

Timing is everything when it comes to capturing that magical golden glow in Dubrovnik. Unlike sunrises, which are far more forgiving, Dubrovnik’s golden hour is fleeting. You have a window of only about 10-15 minutes to nail the shot. Miss the moment by just a few minutes and you’ll be left with lackluster photos washed in dull, gray twilight.

As a travel photographer perpetually chasing the golden hour, I've learned that thorough planning and preparation are essential. I use an app called PhotoPills to determine exactly when golden hour will occur each day. This takes into account Dubrovnik’s geographic location and surrounding topography. For the city itself, golden hour typically lasts from around 7:45 PM to 8:00 PM in the summer months. But this varies significantly depending on where you are shooting from.
On Dubrovnik’s city walls, for example, the towering mountains to the northwest obstruct the setting sun's light earlier than locations facing directly west. So you’ll need to station yourself along the southern walls by around 7:30 PM to catch the best light. Sections near the Minceta Tower and the Dominican Monastery are especially dramatic when backlit in golden hues.
Down in town, golden light illuminates Stradun, the main thoroughfare, slightly later as the sun dips behind a ridge to the west. Photos of the shimmering walkway around 7:55 PM evoke a fairytale quality. For the last kiss of golden glow on the red tile rooftops, wait until just before 8:00 PM.

It also pays to observe and scout locations on the day before your photo shoot. Note how the light shifts in various spots so you can better plan your positions the next evening. Fellow photographers I’ve met during my travels around Dubrovnik have echoed similar timing for golden hour. We often share our experiences on forums and groups online to help each other nail that perfect shot.
No matter when you calculate the exact window for shooting will be, always arrive early to secure an unobstructed view. Places like the cable car platform at the top of Mount Srđ become packed with tripods and photographers well before sunset. You’ll kick yourself if you miss golden hour because you lost your spot!

Chasing the Sun: Capturing Dubrovnik's Radiant Golden Hour - Play with Shadows and Silhouettes

During Dubrovnik’s radiant golden hour, shadows become elongated and liquid, the perfect accompaniment for striking silhouettes. As a travel photographer, I adore playing with shadows and silhouettes during the magical moments before sunset. The interplay of light and dark adds drama and visual interest to images.

When shooting at golden hour, side lighting creates defined shadows. Position yourself so the setting sun casts shadows on your subject, whether that’s a building, a person, or a food stall in the market. The contrast between the illuminated and shadowed areas makes for very compelling images. Some of my favorite photos from Dubrovnik frame a subject against the light, rim lighting them in a golden halo.

Shooting silhouettes, where your subject appears as a dark shape against a bright, golden backdrop, is also tremendously effective during golden hour. A popular vantage point is from the Dominican Monastery area of the city walls, looking back at the fortified towers and turrets. Just expose for the vivid sunset sky and let the details disappear into shadow.

Fellow travel photographers have shared their advice for capturing great silhouettes in Dubrovnik. Alex, who shoots gorgeous cityscapes, says to spot meter on the sky rather than trying to balance the exposure. “Let the shadows go black as night - this makes your subject stand out in dramatic fashion,” he suggests. He also shoots at faster shutter speeds, around 1/320s or faster, to freeze any movement and keep the scene sharp.

Marie, a talented portrait photographer, loves shooting backlit silhouettes of people against the dreamy sunsets in Dubrovnik. Her secret for making them pop is to use a reflector or flash from the front to add a kiss of light on her subject. “It makes them more dimensional and less like a flat shadow,” she reveals. Her flash lets her balance and freeze the exposure, while keeping enough shadow to maintain the silhouette effect.

Chasing the Sun: Capturing Dubrovnik's Radiant Golden Hour - Experiment with Reflections

Chasing the Sun: Capturing Dubrovnik’s Radiant Golden Hour

During Dubrovnik’s golden hour, the city’s limestone streets, red tile rooftops, and the Adriatic Sea itself seem to glow from within. As a travel photographer drawn to bold colors, I adore capturing these luminous reflections in my images. Playing with reflections adds visual punch and an ethereal quality that transports viewers.

Fellow travel photographer Sasha, who shoots exquisite cityscapes, recommends scouting locations during the day to plan how the setting sun’s reflections will spread across the streets at golden hour. “Find interesting subjects, textures, and leading lines to incorporate into your compositions,” she advises.

When the time comes for your shoot, think creatively about vantage points. Alex, an acclaimed pro photographer, often frames vertical reflections in windows or pools of water on the street. “Shooting at a low angle gives the reflection prominence and makes it really pop against the golden sky,” he reveals.

You can also take advantage of the natural reflectivity of the slick limestone streets and stairs throughout Old Town. During Dubrovnik’s golden hour, they shimmer with brilliant highlights and saturated color. Marie, who captures gorgeous street photography, looks for abstract compositions playing with the fragmented reflections. “Move around to alter the angles - the kaleidoscopic effects are mesmerizing,” she says.
Don’t forget the power of the sea as an immense reflecting surface. As the sun dips low on the horizon, its golden glow ripples across the azure water surrounding Dubrovnik. From vantage points like Banje Beach or the Belvedere Hotel terrace, the radiance is breathtaking. “Position yourself facing the sun to capture its blazing reflection in the sea and the backlit city,” advises Dennis, who shoots stunning seascapes.

One creative technique Alex shared is bringing props like mirrors or pieces of colored glass to add prismatic effects during your shoot. “The refracted reflections create really interesting textures and shapes in your compositions,” he explains.
However you experiment with reflections, timing is key for maximum impact. The most intense colors and defined highlights only last seconds during the peak golden moments. “Bracket exposures and be prepared to work quickly,” Marie advises. “The glowing reflections disappear from one instant to the next.”

Shooting in RAW mode allows more latitude later. Dennis cautions against blowing out highlights completely. “Especially in scenes incorporating water, you can pull back a lot of detail in post if you retain some information in the reflections,” he says.

Chasing the Sun: Capturing Dubrovnik's Radiant Golden Hour - Look for Leading Lines

Leading lines are a powerful compositional technique for creating captivating travel photos during Dubrovnik's radiant golden hour. As the sun dips towards the horizon, directional elements that draw the viewer's eye through the scene come alive. As a travel photographer, I love composing with leading lines to portray Dubrovnik's majestic architecture, winding streets, and seaside splendor.

Fellow travel photographer Dennis frequently incorporates leading lines in his Dubrovnik cityscapes. He advises looking for strong perspective in the ancient alleyways of the Old Town. "Vanishing point compositions, where the converging lines pull you deep into the scene, are extremely effective during golden hour," he says. Dennis photographs the limestone thoroughfares head-on, allowing the lit facade details, textured walls, and glowing red rooftops to guide the eye through the frame.
Marie artfully uses leading lines in her golden hour portraits. "I position my model off-center, then use elements like handrails, benches, or harbor posts to create a dynamic sense of movement towards them," she describes. During a recent Dubrovnik shoot, Marie posed a dancer along the sea wall. The receding pillars draw the viewer's gaze right to the gracefully lit subject.

Boats and piers also make strong linear elements, explains cityscape photographer Alex. He advises scouting overhead vantage points like cable car stations to compose compelling perspectives. "Leading lines add depth and a layered, multi-dimensional effect," says Alex. One of his favorite golden hour shots from Dubrovnik incorporates the long shadow of a pier reaching towards the illuminated city towers in the distance.
To reinforce linear flow, Alex brackets exposures or blends multiple exposures. This ensures enough definition throughout the composition. He warns against "losing" leading lines in distracting backgrounds or overly complex scenes during golden hour.

"Simplify your framing to keep the viewer's eye on track," Alex suggests. He composes clean compositions using just a few key elements. Negative space is important too, providing a visual resting spot for the eye to pause.
Sasha, known for her minimalist travel photography, agrees simplicity is key. She composes by color and shape. "During golden hour, leading lines stand out beautifully, forming the graphic framework of your image," she explains. Sasha notices how Dubrovnik's architecture lends itself to compelling geometries. To accentuate them, she frames tight compositions isolating just a portion of a building with dynamic diagonals and strong perspective.
The interplay of light and shadow on linear features also creates dramatic tension. Dennis photographs the bold shadow of ladder-like steps cast onto glowing facades during Dubrovnik's golden hour. "Side lighting transforms ordinary architectural elements into graphic leading lines," he notes. Watch patterns shift as the sun moves lower in the sky.

Chasing the Sun: Capturing Dubrovnik's Radiant Golden Hour - Incorporate People in Your Photos

Chasing the Sun: Capturing Dubrovnik’s Radiant Golden Hour

Incorporating people into your compositions during Dubrovnik's golden hour takes your images to the next level. Humans provide scale and connect viewers emotionally with a place. As a travel photographer, I'm always seeking those serendipitous moments when people and locations interact in compelling ways. Dubrovnik offers fabulous opportunities to capture candids and portraits washed in radiant golden light.

Fellow photographer Alex says Old Town's Luža Square comes alive during golden hour. "Musicians, artists, and revelers socializing provide plenty of shots," he says. Alex looks for gestural moments, interesting shadows, and backlighting. He photographs street performers mid-song, surrounded by enthralled onlookers under the glow of hanging bulbs. For golden light portraits, Alex positions subjects near the central bell tower. "The tower acts as a giant backlight, outlining people in a luminous rim," he explains.

Marie enjoys photographing people strolling Dubrovnik's picturesque streets. "The warm light and long shadows evoke classic Italian neorealism films," she says. To recreate this cinematic style, she shoots from oblique angles. Marie also zooms with longer lenses, compressing perspective. She advises using wider apertures for shallow depth of field during golden hour. "This accentuates your subject while softening distracting backgrounds," Marie suggests. Her favorite photos frame individuals walking pensively through shafts of light.
Dennis composes scenes along the seaside promenade using the majestic city walls as a backdrop. "The glowing fortifications tower behind people enjoying sunsets along the harborside," he describes. Dennis shoots from a low angle to exaggerate the height of the walls. He times his shots for the instant the sun dips behind the mountains, silhouette-lighting people against blazing skies. Dennis uses flash fill to lift shadows on faces. "This keeps details visible while preserving backlit outlines," he explains.
Sasha reveals she schedules portrait sessions on the staircase leading up to the Jesuit Church. "It overlooks all of Old Town. The views are phenomenal," she says. During golden hour, the rolling hills behind Dubrovnik glow amber and pink. Sasha poses subjects higher on the steps, their bodies outline-lit by the setting sun. She exposes for their faces, letting the background overexpose into a luminous wash. "The layers of light are gorgeous," says Sasha. Her favorite portraits incorporate locals, capturing a true sense of place.

Chasing the Sun: Capturing Dubrovnik’s Radiant Golden Hour

Chasing the Sun: Capturing Dubrovnik's Radiant Golden Hour - Editing Tips for Golden Glow

Post-processing is paramount for bringing images to life after photographing Dubrovnik’s radiant golden hour. As a travel photographer, I rely heavily on editing to realize my vision for conveying the spirit of a destination. The magical glow that graces Dubrovnik as the sun dips low requires finesse and subtlety to reproduce faithfully. Fellow travel photographers I’ve connected with worldwide have graciously shared their editing tips and techniques for capturing Dubrovnik’s luminous ambiance.
Alex explains that the key lies in maintaining a natural look that transports viewers to that fleeting moment. “It’s easy to overdo golden hour edits and make scenes look artificial,” he cautions. Alex uses Lightroom’s color grading tools, like the HSL panel, to gently enhance tones. “I add a touch of gold to oranges, boost yellow luminosity, and desaturate cyans a bit to make the blue sky pop more,” he describes. Alex also selectively intensifies blues and greens in the sea for contrast. He warns not to push reds too far toward magenta, which looks unnatural.

Marie focuses on pulling every ounce of dynamic range from her RAW files. “I always slightly underexpose golden skies to retain detail,” she says. In post, Marie lifts shadows and blacks to reveal more texture. She also adds a linear gradient filter in Lightroom to darken the sky for greater separation from the lighter cityscape. For portraiture, Marie adds a subtle golden tint using a radial filter over her subject. “The eyes really come alive with catchlights,” she shares.

For his seascapes, Dennis relies on luminosity masks for control over contrast layers. “I can target just the brighter midtones to saturate color there, keeping the shadows more muted,” he explains. Dennis also uses plugins like Nik Collection to micro-contrast enhance textures. He suggests checking your histogram so spikes don’t clip. For cityscapes with strong shadows, Dennis applies dehaze and clarity to highlight details without going overboard.

Sasha actually neutrals out overly golden tones in favor of a cooler look. “I find visibly golden light can feel a bit heavy-handed,” she says. Sasha desaturates yellows and warms whites toward blue instead. She also adds bluish split toning to shadows for a moody signature look. Sasha emphasizes contrast and clarity to accentuate leading lines and graphic architectural patterns she isolates in her compositions. “Crisp edges help convey a romantic, cinematic feel,” she notes.

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