Air Canada Launches Status Pass Benefits

Written and Published March 12, 2021

Following the news and updates around the COVID-19 pandemic, many airlines were forced to suspend or reduce their daily operations. We have the latest information from airlines and hotels all around the world. Air Canada Aeroplan finally announced the details of the Status Pass benefits! With a Status Pass, elite members will be able to share their benefits with friends and family. Best of all, this applies even when they’re not traveling with them!

Air Canada Launches Status Pass Benefits

Air Canada Launches Status Pass Benefits

Air Canada has officially launched the Status Pass which was announced last year as part of the new Aeroplan program. The Status Pass will allow Aeroplan 50K Elite Status and higher members to share some elite benefits with friends and family. Elite members also have the option to share benefits with members who are not traveling with them!

Aeroplan members who can choose Status Pass as one of their benefits:

-50K members can choose 2 passes

-75K members can choose 3 passes

-Super Elite members can choose 4 passes. Additionally, Super Elite members also receive 2 Status Passes as a core benefit each year.

Aeroplan will be awarding a Status Pass to all Aeroplan 50K and 75K members, and 2 for Aeroplan Super Elite members exclusively through 2021!

Air Canada Launches Status Pass Benefits

Aeroplan Status Pass Benefits

Elite members that get the Status Pass can enjoy several benefits like lounge access and priority check-in, and share them with friends and family. Keep in mind that these benefits don’t apply to Star Alliance flights, only flights operated by Air Canada.

Status Pass allows members with Aeroplan 50K Status and above to share the following benefits:

-Complimentary Checked Baggage – 3 bags, up to 32kg/70lb each

-Priority Check-in – when departing on Air Canada flights

-Priority Baggage Handling –when checking in with Air Canada

-Priority Security Clearance – at select airports, when departing on Air Canada flights

-Maple Leaf Lounge access

-Priority Airport Standby

-Priority Boarding – Zone 2 boarding

-You can see all the details here!

Air Canada Aeroplan program is constantly updating and adding new benefits for their members. The launch of the Status Pass can prove to be a very interesting addition for all frequent flyers!