How to Navigate the Mighty Travels Premium Dashboard

Written and Published December 13, 2020

If you’re looking for a website that will help you find the best flight and hotel deals around the world Mighty Travels Premium has you covered! Stay updated with the latest in flight and hotel deals every day. Mighty Travels Premium offers an online search for more than 127,000 hotels and more than 450,000 fares. You can also get one month of free access to Mighty Travels Premium. Start traveling the way you always dreamed of with a subscription to Mighty Travels Premium.

How to Navigate the Mighty Travels Premium Dashboard

How to Navigate the Mighty Travels Premium Dashboard

The subscription to Mighty Travels Premium is a great resource for anyone who loves to travel, whether you are a frequent flyer or a casual tourist. Any destination you have in mind we have the best option for you. Don’t miss out on the best prices on the market and subscribe now.

After subscribing you will be taken to a user-friendly dashboard. Here you can find anything you need to make your dream vacation come true!

How to Navigate the Mighty Travels Premium Dashboard


You can completely customize your search to meet your every possible need from cabin class, price, departure area, and even mileage program. With a subscription to Mighty Travels Premium, you will also have access to Mistake fares. Mistake fares are only available for a very limited amount of time and they can save you between 70% and 90% on airfare.


With Mighty Travels Premium, you can also find the best hotel deals all over the world. You can search for hotel deals by property name, destination, stars that the hotel offers and you can even put in your price range.


Curated Alerts are exclusive for Mighty Travels Subscribers. You can find both airfare and hotel deals here and it is a great way to get an overview of all of the different deals that people are finding.

Specific Dates

With a subscription to Mighty Travels Premium, you can have your own personal travel assistant. After you place a request for a travel assistant you will be able to search specific dates and get real-time notifications for a route combination in a specific class. This option is perfect for all of you who like to plan ahead.


Here you can customize your profile. You can enter all of your personal information like your account name, phone, address, city, and region. On the profile tab, you can also find the link for your referral.


Mighty Travels Premium offers you the option to set up notifications and never miss a good deal coming your way. This option is completely open to your customization. It is easy to set up, just enter parameters like route, cabin class, or a specific airline. You’ll get these notifications once a day via email. You can also choose to receive alerts via text that comes a few times a month.


Mighty Travels Premium offers you access to test tools that can help you after you subscribe. Here you can discover your zone, look up the fleet of an airline, and test your email and phone.

To set up the service and find mistake fares and best airfare and hotel deals, you’ll need to go to Mighty Travels Premium and click Sign up for the 30-Day Free Trial. After that, you can subscribe for $7.99 per month, or if you choose our yearly subscription – only $4.81 per month!