Tune Into The Judgment Call Podcast!

Written and Published November 27, 2020

Podcasts are a great way to take your mind off these trying times and social distancing, bringing you entertainment and knowledge. Each episode of the Judgment Call Podcast sees one of the world's great risk-takers, adventurers, investors, travelers, entrepreneurs, and mind bogglers tell their stories.

Tune Into The Judgment Call Podcast!

With two decades of experience traveling the world and as an entrepreneur, Torsten Jacobi, founder of Mighty Travels, talks with his guests taking you on an exciting journey.

How Internet monopolies like Facebook and Google have shaped our life and prevented upstart innovation? Do we have free will? What are the challenges facing the travel industry during COVID? Why Private Education has grown all over the world so quickly? Every episode of the Judgment Call podcast explores a different topic relating to travel, economy, education, technology, and life in general. Featuring interviews with entrepreneurs, travel executives, and experts from all over the world.

Take a listen and tune into the Judgment Call Podcast.

Whether you're looking for life advice, knowledge, or travel tips the Judgment Call Podcast will be your next favorite pastime. You can tune into the podcast here, or on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Bitcast, and RSS!