Emirates Flying Again and Introducing Some Changes

Written and Published May 19, 2020

Following the news and updates around the COVID-19 pandemic, many airlines were forced to suspend or reduce their daily operations. We have the latest information from airlines and hotels all around the world. We first saw almost all airlines cutting back on flights or completely stopping all service two months ago. As the pandemic started to slow down airlines are slowly rebuilding their schedules, putting out promotions, and most importantly – flying again. Emirates announced some small in-flight changes, and the plan to resume flights to 9 destinations. In the following weeks we will probably see more airlines making similar steps.

Emirates Flying Again and Introducing Some Changes

Emirates resuming flights to 9 destinations

Emirates announced the plan to resume scheduled flights to nine destinations: Chicago, Frankfurt, London Heathrow, Madrid, Melbourne, Milan, Paris, Sydney, and Toronto. The airline scheduled the start of these flights for May 21, 2020. Also, Emirates will offer connections in Dubai for passengers traveling between the UK and Australia. Of course, all these plans are subject to government approval.

From the official press release:
“We are pleased to resume scheduled passenger services to these destinations, providing more options for customers to travel from the UAE to these cities, and also between the UK and Australia. We are working closely with the authorities to plan the resumption of operations to additional destinations. We have implemented additional measures at the airport in coordination with the relevant authorities in respect to social distancing and sanitization. The safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers and communities, remain our top priority.” CEO of Emirates Adel Al Redha

Emirates Flying Again and Introducing Some Changes

At Dubai International airport, passengers and employees will have their temperatures checked via thermal scanners. In order to ensure the safety of everyone at the airport, protective barriers have been installed and gloves and face masks will be mandatory. Also, the airline said all cabin crew, boarding agents, and ground staff who interact directly with passengers will wear personal protective equipment or PPE.

Modified in-flight service

Emirates will offer a modified in-flight service in order to minimize the risk and improve social distancing. Passengers will be required to check-in cabin baggage. However, essentials such as handbags, baby items, and laptops will be allowed. Also, magazines and print reading material will not be available during the flights. Thse changes will help minimize the risk of spreading and human to human contact, and we will probably see other airlines implementing similar in-flight rules.