Renaissance Minsk Review (August 2019)

Posted on September 3, 2019 by in Hotel Reviews, Travel Deals, Travel News

The Renaissance Minsk is a  somewhat new development built at one of the main tangent freeways leading into the Minsk city center. It shows just 1 mile away from the city center but the area is not walkable and you will need a taxi or a scooter bike to get around safely.

Check-in was courteous and knowledgable. I had a number of really good front desk agents in ‘former Soviet Union’ countries and this proved my theory. Renaissance properties are one of my favorites due to its understated luxury and boutique style.

The public areas look modern and make you feel like you are not in a mega hotel.. There were no crowds to speak of and also no noise.

I liked the guest rooms a lot – they came of decent size and had a high-end finish. I really liked the bright colors for a change.

The air conditioning was quiet and effective and the Internet super stable and fast at 25 Mbit. It was also easy to connect.

I found the bathroom to be beautiful and the shower worked perfectly though the shower drain looked susceptible to flooding – it seems to work just fine.

I thought this property does everything right it’s just in a not so excellent location. To see the city it is a little annoying to be so close but yet s far due to the missing sidewalks in the area. I’d be happy to come back especially when renting a car.