Cathay Pacific canceling its New York to Vancouver route

Posted on September 10, 2019 by in Travel Deals, Travel News

Cathay Pacific has revealed that they will discontinue their New York to Vancouver flight in spring 2020. As of now, an exact date hasn’t been given for exactly this will happen. They have operated this route since 1996, for 23 years now.

Why Is Cathay Pacific canceling the route?

According to Cathay Pacific, they are cutting the route because it is no longer profitable. The Vancouver-JFK flights are Cathay Pacific’s only fifth freedom flight in North America and one of only two outside Asia. The route was popular with frequent flyers and the type of people who preferred to fly a premium Asian carrier rather than a premium North American carrier.

Cathay Pacific operates this flight daily with the following schedule:

  • New York to Vancouver departing 9:50 PM arriving 12:50 AM (+1 day)
  • Vancouver to New York departing 11:05 PM arriving 7:05 AM (+1 day)

Cathay Pacific cutting back on ‘fifth-freedom’ flights

What are ‘fifth freedom’ flights?

The freedom of air is a set of commercial aviation rights allowing an airline to enter and land in another countries airspace. This freedom can apply to:

  • Transit Rights – the right to travel to or through a country without picking up and dropping off passengers there
  • Traffic Rights – the ability to pick-up and drop-off passengers in a foreign country

Cathay’s remaining fifth freedom flight outside Asia will be between Bahrain and Dubai and the one between Singapore and Bangkok. The remainder of Cathay’s fifth freedom flights operate out of Taipei, flying to Seoul, Osaka, Tokyo, and Nagoya.

Fifth freedom flights are popular due to their usually cheaper prices and they also use a better aircraft.

Do you frequent these flights? What do you think about Cathays’ decision to cancel the Vancouver-JFK route?