New rules coming for Mount Everest climbers – how fit do you have to be?

Posted on August 17, 2019 by in Travel News

A panel advising Nepal’s government has recommended that the climbers that want to climb Mount Everest should demonstrate their climbing skills beforehand. Another suggestion is that they provide a certificate of physical fitness, and employ experienced guides. Recent tragedies revolving Mount Everest climbers have the government extremely worried. Fees for climbers are also proposed, up to 35,000$ per person!

Why did Mount Everest become so dangerous?

Quite often during the climbing season, the mountain can get overcrowded. The Nepal government issued a record of 381 permits this season alone. A lot depends on the weather conditions, and if the weather is optimal a lot of climbers would want to take advantage during that window.

“If there’s one week [of safe weather], then the summit isn’t crowded. But sometimes, when there’s only a window of two or three days, it gets very crowded” Mingma Sherpa told the BBC

Overcrowding may lead to less oxygen per climber which is extremely dangerous! At least four deaths this season are due to the overcrowding of the mountain. That left many people wondering why the Nepali government didn’t react sooner. One of the theories is that they didn’t want to lose money. Most of the Nepali revenue comes from foreign climbers. Nepali besides Mount Everest has 7 more of the highest mountains of the world that present a challenge to climbers.

If these changes affect the Nepali tourism income will they overlook safety again and return to the old days?