Chase Pay App to shut down in 2020

Posted on August 21, 2019 by in Travel Deals, Travel News

Chase will be shutting down its Chase Pay app, just a few years after it was released. Chase sent out an email indicating that the standalone Chase Pay app will be closing down in early 2020. You’ll still see Chase Pay as an option at checkout at various online and in-store merchants. That allows you to pay with your Chase cards using your Chase login; it’s just the dedicated app that’s closing down.

What happened?

“We’re closing the Chase Pay app in early 2020. You’ll still find Chase Pay as a payment option in more of your favorite websites and apps… Keep using the Chase Pay app until early 2020. After that, you can still use Chase Pay when you shop online or in merchant apps. Look for the Chase Pay button for fast, secure checkout. Also when you pay at the pump when you select Chase Pay as the payment method in the Shell, My Phillips 66, My Conoco, My76 or Gulf Pay apps.” Chase released in their email

Your credits will also expire in early 2020 when the Chase Pay app is closed down, so make sure to use them before then. Chase wants to focus more on online payment and they could be on the road of becoming a rival to the popular PayPal.
This is the third digital offering that Chase is cutting back on this year. This is the third digital offering that Chase is cutting back on this year. They already shut down digital bank Finn a year after rolling it out.

Chase Pay app was less popular with consumers than Apple Pay and Samsung Pay despite having a large customer base and a popular banking app. The only logical solution for Chase was to shut it down and minimize their financial losses. Were you a regular user of the Chase Pay App?