Holiday Inn Ulaanbaatar Review

Posted on June 14, 2019 by in Travel Deals

The Holiday Inn Ulaanbaatar is located a few blocks to the west of the city center of Ulaanbaatar, which is also it’s geographical center.

I arrived a bit early but the front desk was ready to give me rooms keys right away and threw in free breakfast. Lovely!

I asked for a quite room and got a room overlooking the busy intersection outside – however it was on the 17th floor and the windows are fairly good at noise insulation. I really liked the room – it felt brand new.


The bathroom was part of the room layout but very well appointed. The bed was equipped with four large pillows and the mattress had great feel to it.

With the night temperatures around freezing I did not get t test teh AC – one of my pet peeves on this trip.

The Internet was originally fast at 15 Mbit but slowed down tremendously as more guests arrived later in the week.

The free breakfast wasn’t great it seemed like the spread would just go back to the same cooler every day and come back out the next morning. The bread items were decent.


I liked the Bene coffee shop that is part of the lobby and has a great cozy feeling to it. It bakes fresh waffles and makes ok espresso drinks – much to my delight.

I found the staff to be friendly and equipped with a good command of English though highly distracted and often unable to complete basic requests.

In sum the high quality of the room and the initial fast Internet really helped me to learn to love this place. The hotel has a great hardware but management could do a lot to improve guest satisfaction. However at $50-$80 per night this hotel is a great deal.

3 / 5 stars