Hyatt Regency Jinan Review

Posted on May 30, 2019 by in Hotel Reviews

The Hyatt Regency is one of many high rises in Jinan – the capital of the Shandong province. I arrived rather late at night and happy to see that the front desk spoke minimal English (a rarity in Central China).


Check-in was quick and with no-nonsense – I was hoping to order food and was referred to the menu in my room. Good idea – so I headed upstairs and noticed that the menu would be available via bar code scan – however my iPhone wasn’t able to connect the barcode at all. I ended up calling and ordering a vegetarian sandwich.

I liked the room though it was rather old but still in good shape. The bed was excellent and the dark curtains kept the sunlight out in the morning. I was hoping the air conditioning would work but any setting I tried the fan was on high noise but the temperature would not budge below 24 degrees Celsius – and I tried all the settings for some time. Oh well.



The internet was easy to connect but slow at about 2 Mbit. This would be a theme in many hotel sin Central China but I found it disappointing to see at a Hyatt Regency. I called the help desk but gave up after they connected me to the outsourced Internet support which wanted to ‘test my device’ – that’s how spyware gets on your device guaranteed 🙂

My sandwich showed up soon and was not what it made out to be in the verbal description. It was not edible – however it came with fried (which were excellent) and a soft drink (I don;t drink them). You win some – you loose some…

Breakfast wasn’t included in my rate but the breakfast spread looked decent.

The hotel is located next to a newish shopping mall and just a short taxi ride away from the new city center (i.e. the Intercontinental Jinan City Center).

In sum I found my stay to be disappointing – it wasn’t a bad hotel after all but I always have higher expectations for Hyatt which often has exceeded my high expectations them by a mile. Rates are usually under $100 so I can’t complain much.