Become a Mighty Travels Premium Beta Tester – it’s free!

Posted on January 23, 2019 by in Travel Deals

Our beta tester program allows you access to a beta version of MTP. Access is complimentary.

This version is slightly different from the main version as it is:

– latest development version (including potential bugs)

– often slower

– some notification options may not work

– deals data is older than 48 hours and there are no real-time or SMS notifications

As a beta test member we would require you to provide a one-two paragraph experience feedback per week where you detail:

– what you did on the platform (‘user scenario’)

– your experience with the platform (‘user feedback’)

– suggestions on what to improve (‘user suggestions’)

Membership is complimentary as long as you provide us with a weekly feedback (skipping a week isn’t a big deal).

Send us an email at beta – at – to get started.