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Posted on October 1, 2018 by in Travel Deals

What is Mighty Travels BASIC?

For less than the price of a Starbucks drink a month you will receive all the best Economy class deals for your home airport and the best deals our editors see every day in your departure zone via email.

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Get all the deals with the Daily Digest

Every day we will send you the best new deals from your departure airport (and any nearby airports) as a daily digest.

Our digests come sorted by CPM (Cents per Mile) and typically have 5-10 deals every day. We ONLY use our own proprietary research to find those deals.

Each deal comes with a validate set of dates (though deals usually work on a number of dates). We include airline information and reviews as well.

To inspect a deal we include direct links to booking sites (compare to get the very best price) individually.

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Get mistake fares and urgent deals as well

In addition when we find something special we also send you a real time alert for deals to your email that are a so good its worth to hop to another city to take advantage of them.

Here are some of the exceptional deals (see all the deals we have posted lately) like:

– many US West Coast airports to China for $290 Round Trip

– Europe to Africa for under $99 Round Trip

– 2,500 miles flown inside Argentina for just $21 Round Trip

– $100 Round Trip California to US East Coast

– $93 Round Trip Africa to Central Asia

H2>It is a great investment!

Mighty Travels Basic is just $29 pear year (or just 8 cents per day!).

Our subscribers save $120 on average; by booking just one fare. With our money back guarantee we ensure that you get exceptional value for your subscription since 2014. We have a minimal overhead and your subscription payment goes straight to our technology development and analyst team.

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Mighty Travels Basic is awesome if you are looking to see the world for less from your home airport/ area. If you are interested in getting access to our dashboard for 45,000 deals from ANY airport in the world and to see Premium Economy/ Business Class and First Class fares consider Mighty Travels Premium.

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