10x Lifemiles for hotel bookings, Air Italy slowing down expansion?, cheaper Puerto Rico hotels, new Istanbul Airport will open late

Posted on September 19, 2018 by in Travel Deals

– Qatar may be holding back their big 787 expansion plans with Air Italy for a bit to appease fellow Oneworld partner American Airlines

Lifemiles is launching a new hotel booking engine with RocketMiles and is offering 5x miles on hotel bookings (just until 6 M PDT today).

However given the bonus offered on some high end properties it works out to around 10x miles per dollar spend. You have to be ready to spend $200++ to book such a property.

Don’t forget the excellent earn rates that JetPrivileges offers that easily exceed 10x per dollar spent.

Orbitz is offering $75 in Orbucks off $200 hotel bookings (not all hotels qualify) in Puerto Rico

– how do you solve labor unrest in Turkey? Send 500 people to jail that protested the safety conditions at Istanbul’s new airport

Reports are the airport won’t open in 2018 just yet for main traffic but run a limited service to get operations ready first.

Groupon Spain is selling Avios at around 1.5 cents per Avios – a mediocre deal but an interesting outlet for such a sale