Virgin consolidates loyalty currencies, Delta 24,000 award sale to Europe, Getaround’s massive funding, Air Canada gets a sweet deal for Aeroplan, the dangerous fault that could down a 777

Posted on August 22, 2018 by in Travel Deals

– Virgin is copying the structure of Avios and is moving their loyalty program to a new entity that will issues/ regulate transfers for a Virgin-wide currency

I certainly like that approach – the transferability of Avios (and they different different charts for each program) are a clear win for consumers.

Delta keeps surprising us with some ‘award flash sales’ currently 24,000 miles can net you a Return flights from New York to Zurich (note that most retail for $300 – $400 anyways)

– my favorite car-sharing service Getaround seems to be here to stay with a $300 million fund raising round

– the drama around Aeroplan is finally over – Air Canada will pay CAD 450 million to bring it back under the hood

Air Canada sold their stake at a valuation of over $2 billion more than 10 years ago. Nicely played Air Canada!

there is a faulty wiring in many (most) 777 cargo decks that already forced one Etihad plane to declare a MAYDAY and perform an emergency landing – let’s hope the airlines will fix that soon