good times for Ethiopian Airlines, Delta upgrading Economy meals again?, Chase goes Expedia, Cathay Pacific turning around

Posted on August 13, 2018 by in Travel Deals

– Ethiopian Airlines seems to do well with their expansion – despite record capacity increase teh airline churned out $249 million in profits for the last fiscal year

Ethiopian Airlines is also bidding for the new Nigeria Air project to start a hub (and domestic operations in Africa’s second largest economy).

Ethiopian Airlines has plenty of things to fix but the new terminal next year will help. The customer service is atrocious and the loyalty program ‘Shebamiles’ is decades behind its American counterparts.

– did we need another sign for the good times airlines are having? – Delta is testing a three course meal in regular economy (that will potentially be rolled out fleet wide for all international flights next year)

Expedia will now power the Chase Ultimate Rewards travel portal (and Expedia rewards will become a transfer partner currency)

I rarely use Chase Ultimate Rewards for booking travel. However I found a number of sweet spots for Expedia Rewards that gave me outsized value so I may actually transfer points.

Cathay Pacific is adding more A350s to their fleet – a great move for their routes (very long and thin)

I really liked what they have done with their A350 and liked my Cathay Pacific Economy flight last week.

The airline also has been improving their operational results and is loosing less money (but still does loose money!)