Earn 110 JPMiles per dollar for hotel bookings – too good to be true?

Posted on August 16, 2018 by in Travel Deals

JPMiles, the loyalty program of embattled JetAirways is currently running an interesting promotion that may enable you to earn 110 JPMiles for many hotel bookings.

1) Meet the JPMiles hotel booking portal – hotels.jetprivilege.com

The JPMiles booking portal is known as hotels.jetprivilege.com and works essentially like a meta-search engine for hotels.

Unlike Pointshound or Rocketmiles powered search engines, it simply aggregates inventory from several different OTAs (Expedia/ Agoda etc) and shows you their best prices. You can then click through directly to the property and earn miles in the process (through an affiliate relationship between JPMiles and the hotel website).

hotels.jetprivilege.com is a quite snazzy website – not something you’d expect coming from an Indian airline website.

2) Earn miles by booking at the same OTA you normally book with

Expedia and Priceline have cut many affiliate relationships in the past (and therefore many Cashback websites’ earn rates) so it isn’t straightforward to get cashback when using the world’s biggest hotel booking engines.

The JPMiles website advertises 10 miles per INR 100 which translates into 6 miles per dollar with Agoda (the highest paying merchant).

3) JPMiles double miles promotion

JPMiles runs a promotion for stays booked and completed by September 30th which will earn you double miles. This brings the earn rate to 12 miles per dollar – quite respectable for any hotel booking website.

4) OMG – earn 111 miles per dollar for select properties

But it gets better – when you use the JPMiles website you’ll see after login that Agoda shows some exceptionally high earn rates (sort by JPMiles earn drop down).

My example for Ho Chi Minh brings up the Empress Hotel that seems to earn 5,154 JPMiles for INR 3,234 ($46). After click -through the price ends up to be $47.90 incl. taxes and fees.

Far from 12 miles per dollar this would suggest that you can earn 110 miles per dollar spent! And for this we haven’t taken into account the double miles promotion.

5) Is this for real?

It might be this is a mistake and/or it only works on your first booking. There is nothing on the booking website that indicates what is the correct amount as one part of the booking engine says earn ‘Earn upto 5154 JPMiles’ and the next page says 10 miles per INR 100.

Also Expedia/ Agoda and JPMiles have both (on unrelated occasions) given me trouble getting the points/cashback that I was due.

6) JetAirways troubles

Like so many other Etihad investments JetAirways is in trouble and the airline and loyalty program may actually shut down (though I feel it is unlikely). It is possible that the airline shuts down, the miles will be denied and even if it all works out you still have to navigate the rather arduous award bookings with JetPrivilege.

However if you have a number of stays coming up that aren’t booked – give this promotion a shot. Potentially you ‘make bank’ on miles, likely you will earn at least 12 miles per dollar, and worst case you end up with the same price that you would have paid anyways using an OTA like Agoda or Expedia.

There also seem to be no exclusions for coupons anywhere which may further reduce the price.