T-Mobile free roaming to get even better, will Chase Sapphire cards ever make money (for the issuer)?, airplanes in trouble this weekend

Posted on July 14, 2018 by in Travel Deals

T-Mobile is matching the new Sprint roaming plans and is expanding the list of covered countries to 210 effective July 22nd, 2018!

Ethiopia is still missing from the list but I couldn’t find a country I’ll travel to in the next 12 months that isn’t listed. Formerly missing Madagascar, Nigeria, Maldives and Congo are now included.

The price per call minute has gone up by 5 cents but I never use roaming calls (just data and text) and the T-Mobile Simple Choice plan has become one of my favorite travel tools.

– I think we should be thankful this year again for the Chase Sapphire family cards – it seems the bank can barely break even on them – but I have always enjoyed the Preferred and Reserve cards very much

– an United 787 had an engine flame out at San Francisco and a Ryanair 737 faced a rapid depressurization over Europe

In both instances nobody was permanently harmed.