Etihad finally going all in for Star Alliance?, first Iberia promotional points are posting, Lyft bets on bike sharing, American Airlines dropping carry-on restrictions for Basic Economy?

Posted on July 3, 2018 by in Travel Deals

– Etihad is changing their corporate structure and is making moves to codeshare with Star Alliance

While the denials are quick right now – I would not be surprised if Etihad joins Star Alliance in the next two years and maybe even merges with Lufthansa one day.

The company needs a massive change of course after yearly losses (even after all those subsidies) of almost $2 billion.

Iberia’s crazy promotion IS being honored (much to my surprises) and some readers have seen their points posting already.

Iberia has been locking out users who created new accounts (they may require a passport copy to unlock them) and have provided the option to get some flights refunded.

Wait until next week before taking any action – the points should all post this week.

– Lyft is getting into the bike sharing game by acquiring Motivate

Motivate runs the Ford sponsored bike sharing in San Francisco which is frankly a pain (bikes also need to be docked!). However Motivate has ‘boots on the ground’ and are likely copying the Jump bikes model as we speak.

I’m currently in Chiang Mai and Mobike runs a local dockless bike share model. However these bikes are cheaply built and not electric. I’m convinced bike sharing is here to stay (it is very useful in crowded urban areas) – I’m not so sure the same should be said about scooter rentals.

– apparently Basic Economy passengers who bring carry-on bags are too much of a ‘delay hazard’ and the airline is thinking of rolling back the restriction on carry-on bags