new Jeddah airport opens, Cathay to add 20 A350, Sad – A380 sold for scraps, a new ‘Italian Job’, a world without visas

Posted on June 5, 2018 by in Travel Deals

– the new Jeddah airport is going through a ‘soft opening now and is expected to open fully by Spring 2019 and will put Saudi Arabia and Saudia on the map

But what happened to those tourist visa? April has come and gone and no tourist visa system is in place.

– Cathay Pacific is excited for their 20 new A350-1000 and will launch a new route to Washington D.C.

– this is indeed sad – two of the three former Singapore Airlines A380 will be sold for spare parts (after just 10 years of service!)

Qatar is eager for their version of the ‘Italian Job‘ with Air Italy after Etihad sank a few billion into Etihad (with no real results)

Let’s hope Air Italy’s story will be more positive – these 30 new 787’s in Qatar configuration will be awesome (the world simply can’t get enough of those).

– it’s no secret if airlines want to keep growing they need modern airports and a simplified Visa system (i.e. like ESTA) for more global travelers

The US should be pushing to envelope for this. Yes collect data about travelers (and potential security risks) but eliminate the outdated visa system as much as possible. The best way to do it? Set up goals for other countries (publicly) they need to achieve to get ESTA travel authorizations for their citizens. You’d be surprised how quickly things can change.