AirBnB takes you for a drive in Japan, RwandaAir’s closing in on US service, Wizzair close to base in Tel Aviv, whaaat Sheraton’s will get a ‘Coffee Bar Bar’

Posted on June 7, 2018 by in Travel Deals

– self policing works – well at least in the case of AirBnB

Japan has a new law that comes into effect and requires hosts to register and be licensed. Fair enough. But AirBnB just dropped 80% of their rentals in the country and cancelled all the reservations with it.

If you have a trip with AirBnb to Japan coming up make sure the reservation is still intact or plan alternative accommodation now!

I find it odd that AirBnB is hiding behind regulation and barely throws its weight around to protect and safeguard travelers (as it usually advertises).

– is RwandAir’s dream to fly to the US coming true this year?

We will likely see a codeshare on a partner first – still that would be great to give the airline feed for their growing African network.

– WizzAir is giddy for a base at Tel Aviv airport potentially before Ryanair achieves this feat

Ben Gurion airport can be rough for travelers with it security requirements or it can be just wonderful. However it is cost efficient and a base so far south would enable the many sun hungry (Eastern) European Wizz Air customers a host of destinations their planes can’t reach from Europe directly.

– I mean really the best name Marriott could come up with for their new, more stylish Sheraton coffee shops are ‘Coffee Bar Bar’ (not a typo!)

I love Marriott for the way they execute and how well properties are run but I thought all these creative Starwood types also get a say in the new enterprise. It seems this is a failing part of the merger.

However the major $500 million revamp of the many old Sheraton’s is badly needed and often ANY change will be a net positive.