WOW Air now going to India!, Emirates improves results, Alaska changes changes & Westjet’s cool new Business Class

Posted on May 9, 2018 by in Travel Deals

– no joke WOW Air is about no announce flights to New Delhi, India – and yes there is a good reason for having flights to Asia seemingly

Mogensen is seeking a counter-cyclical hub outside Iceland to redeploy WOW Air’s excess capacity during the slower winter season. At the time, he declined to comment on the exact locations under consideration, but said it will be “somewhere where it’s warm in the winter.”

– I’m not sure I can believe it but Emirates has already improved results from their ‘perfect storm’ of 2017 and profits jump 68%

– Alaska Airlines is changing their fee structure for cancellations and same-day changes

Most important – awards booked after June 6th can not be changed for free outside of the 60 days before departure window anymore (a $125 fee will apply). This is sad news but unfortunately standard industry practice.

– Westjet is coming up with a wonderful Business Class on the 787 that seems to be the exact same seat that Air Canada uses (which in turn is similar to Cathay Pacific’s much heralded Business Class)

It’s amazing how this niche player suddenly launches a long-haul product that is really competitive.

Westjet flights can be accessed using Skymiles though the 787 has no flights or destinations assigned yet.