Uber scuttles self driving car operations, Asia Miles makes changes to earning and redeeming miles, South African Express flights grounded

Posted on May 24, 2018 by in Travel Deals

– the NTSB has some preliminary findings about the fatal crash an Uber self-driving car was involved in

Much of the report has been previously reported, including the fact that Uber had disabled the Volvo XC90’s factory settings for emergency braking and other driver assist features. And there is no mention of the vehicle’s software being tuned in such a way to register Herzberg as a “false positive,” as recently reported by The Information. To the contrary, the agency said that Uber’s system appeared to be working just fine.

“All aspects of the self-driving system were operating normally at the time of the crash, and there were no faults or diagnostic messages,” the NTSB says in its report.

Uber is closing down the whole self driving car unit in Arizona. Self driving cars and humans don;t mix well it seems…

Asia Miles is making changes to the way miles are earned and redeemed

Long story short – most redemptions won’t change much and mileage earning is generally improved. Many of us are looking at the 70,000/85,000 Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong redemptions from the US West/East Coast and these won’t change at all.

– South African Airways regional affiliate South African Express has lost its Air Operator Certificate over safety concerns and won;t be able to fly for a while

This is bad news for South African Airways as it reduces the feed for the mainline operations at least temporarily. South African Airways itself has trouble staying in the air (but received a check from the South African government last month).

Note that South African Airways, flymango and Airlink operations are not affected.