AMEX 25% transfer bonus to Flying blue, Emirates’ fake news and Crowne Plaza Nairobi Airport opens

Posted on May 1, 2018 by in Travel Deals

– American Express is back with one of those transfer bonuses – it is 25% to Flying Blue this time

Those bonuses are a nice way to increase visibility for them and if you have a redemption planned it is a good way to save some miles.

– I call this whole ‘Emirates does not have enough pilots’ story FAKE NEWS

Think about it – these planes cost one million dollars PER MONTH to lease. An airline also makes several million in revenue (not profit!) per plane PER MONTH. Now if you are an Emirates CEO you’d do anything to poach over pilots for a few hours of duty (pilots are paid by the hour flying usually) just to get these ‘million dollar money makers’ in the air.

Or you have a demand problem where you can see that only a fraction of seats are sold – so why not park some planes or lease them out and hope for better times. Oh and yes blame it on a pilot shortage.

Emirates has a high cost base and (mostly) high fares to match. However many routes have so much competition from low cost/ low fares airlines. Would you pay $419 Round Trip on China Eastern from Los Angeles to India (one of Emirates main markets) or Emirates $999? I know what I’d do!

Nairobi’s hotel boom keeps happening – the Crowne Plaza Nairobi Airport just opened.

This is the third IHG property in town and rates are around $150 per night plus taxes and fees (usually steep in Kenya). The airport is close enough to the city (though traffic is usually horrendous). All the IHG properties need 30,000 points per night (really bad value). Interestingly enough the Intercontinental (which is old and tired) but has a decent location is now the cheapest of the three.