Will a Centurion Lounge give you lounge access on arrival?

Posted on April 16, 2018 by in Free Lounge Access and Lounge Reviews

Lounge access for arriving passengers

One question that we often hear is, ‘Can you access a lounge upon arriving at an airport or only when you’re departing one?‘ It’s certainly a fair question to ask, as even though the majority of passengers will utilize a lounge before flying, many travelers also want lounge access when they arrive at their destination airport. Depending on the lounge itself, it’s often possible, though not always…

The location of the lounge in the airport is often an important factor; in some airports, such as Hong Kong International, you need to go through transit security to get to the lounges, for which you need a departure boarding pass. If Hong Kong is your final destination, then you’ll be unable to reach those lounges. Some lounges also have their own specific rules of access and even if you can physically get there from your plane, they may not let you in without a departure boarding pass. Plus Star Alliance and Oneworld have both stated in the past that you must be departing a flight in their alliance to use a lounge, though many travelers have found this not to be the case.

Will a Centurion Lounge give you access on arrival?

Centurion Lounges offer access only to Platinum and Centurion cardmembers and their guests. While we don’t know for sure that every Centurion Lounge will grant you access upon arrival at an airport, it’s clear that the majority will, and particularly US lounges. For instance, you can fly into LGA, pick up your baggage and head straight to the lounge past security. The Centurion Lounge at SFO is also well-known for allowing access to arriving passengers, as are the ones at Dallas Fort Worth and IAH.

While the lounge access page states that each Centurion Lounge is a ‘day of departure lounge’ requiring confirmed travel plans, the rules of this are unclear and many readers have accessed a lounge without any difficulty.

Centurion Lounge

So the next time you’re landing at an airport with a Centurion Lounge, there’s no need to assume that you have to miss out on their excellent facilities and refreshments. Simply show your boarding pass from the flight you just took and either your Platinum or Centurion card and you’re in!